December 24, 2013

Irregular Postings

I haven't been as good this year as I have in the past posting on my blog.  I'm sure some of this is due to time constraints as I have gone back to work to help support our daughter that is on an LDS Mission.  She is giving her time and talents to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others, so while she does that we support her so that she doesn't have to work and can spend all of her time sharing.  It is a great opportunity for both her and our family.

Another reason is that I just don't feel like I really have that much to say.  In the past this blog has been a place for me to vent or share feelings that I needed to get out.  However, I feel like I am almost past doing this.  Life is flying by and I just don't take the time much anymore to put it down on my blog.  I guess I also feel like there aren't many people that are really interested in what I do have to say.

So for now I will post when the feeling strikes, but it may be awhile in between posts.  I may even stop for awhile, who knows.

One thing I do want to post before I don't post anymore or at least for what may be a long time is my testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is real and he loves us.  I am so grateful for all he has done for me in my life.  He has blessed me in so many ways.  Has done for me and carried me when I didn't think life was worth living, during my darkest hours.   I have felt him close by during trying times.  He has given me peace and joy.  I have witnessed miracles that he has given me and my family.  I am grateful for the teachings in the scriptures that give us his words and teach us how he would have us live.  I love him and want to be more like he would have me be.  I want to be kinder and not so judgmental.  I want people to see his teachings in the way I live.  I am trying and I know he knows it.  He knows my heart and he knows yours too.  He loves us because we are his children.  He wants us to be happy.  For all of these things I am so grateful.

I love this time of year when we get to celebrate his birth and focus more on him and how he would have us live.  I hope that I can live each day as if it were more like Christmas.  Show more kindness, charity, forgiveness, tolerance, compassion and gentleness.

Merry Christmas to all my you be blessed!

December 08, 2013


My youngest daughter, Hannah is serving a LDS mission in Tallahassee Florida.  I have to say that this experience has been much, much different than when our sons served their missions.  I was so ready for our son's to go and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those that were seeking for a change in their lives.  I thought I was ready for Hannah to leave and also teach.  However, this time it has been so much harder.  Maybe it's because she is the baby of the family.  Maybe it's because she's my daughter instead of a son.  Does that make a difference?  I don't know.   All I do know is that it has been so much harder having her gone.  Maybe it's because she and I used to do so much together.  She was always my sidekick.  She was 6 years younger than my other children, so when they moved out and went on their way, she was still here at home and doing things with me.

Even though it has been hard, I know she is where she needs to be at this time.  She is loving the experiences she is having.  I think she will come back so much stronger in her own convictions and I know that her testimony of her Savior will definitely be stronger.

Hannah is loving learning about new people and places.  She loves the food and has been shocked at the attitudes toward Mormons (The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints) that are out there in the world away from her sheltered home.

As you can tell, I am missing her today, as usual, Sunday's are worse than any other day of the week for me.  I think it's because I have time on my hands to contemplate what has happened during the week and I have time to really read over her letter.

I love my family and am so grateful for them.  They afford me so many opportunities to serve and to love them.  I'm grateful for the blessings that they are in my life!  I have been greatly blessed!

November 26, 2013

Time is Flying

We have had so many happenings this past month and I haven't kept up on the blog.

First off, I fell off the wagon and for a couple of weeks I let sugar back into the diet.  Wow, what a mistake!!  Horrible mood swings, crying jags, headaches, and my costochondritis came back.  It took about a week but I am back on the mend.  I am pretty much over the sugar cravings, the mood swings are gone, I'm not crying and I'm happy,  my stress level is do able, and my ribs, well that I'm still trying to get under control.  I have made a decision that sugar just isn't worth the pain and misery that I experience when I partake.

So with that said, how do I do the holidays ~ well I think quite easily.  I am still eating mostly paleo and sometimes clean, but I am feeling so much better.  I am going to try and make pumpkin pie with a paleo recipe and really I don't make a lot of sugary things so until the Christmas season I think I'll be ok.  During the Christmas season I think my kids will be more than happy to eat up the snacks that are brought by and I myself don't plan on making any so I'm hoping that will get me through.

This last week we had an addition to our family and what a sweet little addition she is.  We are so happy to have her here and well and healthy.  She is so sweet and tiny.  It has been fun!  I love how our family is growing.  We now have 3 sweet grandchildren and they are all such wonderful little people!

Our Hannah is loving being on her mission in Florida.  She is learning to love the people there.  She is having a wonderful time having new experiences that are helping her testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ grow.  She's also learning to understand others and their thoughts and actions.  It has been a challenge, but she is shining and I love her dearly!  I also miss her tons! But I wouldn't have her anywhere else right now.  She is where she will grow the most.  I can't wait to talk to her at Christmas!

My son that I work for ~ well his company is growing in leaps and bounds.  It's crazy, just when I think things are going to slow down, we'll get a freak windstorm that does a lot of damage to the roofs in our area and we are off and running again.  I'm so happy for him that he is doing so well.  It's nice to see your children become successful!

Our younger son is just about to finish with his Bachelor's degree.  He has one more semester and he will be done.  He will be the first of our children to finish college.  I can't wait to celebrate this step towards his future with him!

That is about all for now, as time is flying and there is so much to do!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

October 30, 2013

It's My Health and My Body!

Today I read a blog that made a lot of sense to me.  It was a blog where the people that wrote it had been Paleo for quite sometime and are now quitting that lifestyle.  In the comments they were ridiculed as well as praised.  But for me the post meant more, much more.  I felt that out of all of the blogs that I read this morning it was empowering because they were standing up for themselves and not just going along with the crowd.

Don't get me wrong, I can truly appreciate the Paleo lifestyle.  It fits and has helped so many people, myself included to an extent.  Last Fall I lost 20 pounds eating strict Paleo.  However, after that I hit a plateau and haven't moved from that point.  I have continued to eat very healthy, but nothing seems to help.

This Summer I have found that sugar is not my friend.  I broke out in blisters all over my face and it seems to be due to sugar and dairy.  So not only is Gluten not good for my body, but processed sugar and dairy seem to bother me.  I guess I should qualify dairy.  I can eat homemade yogurt and that doesn't seem to bother me, but milk and a lot of cheeses do.  So once in awhile I do eat homemade yogurt and do okay on it.

But I have lost a lot of my enthusiasm towards the Paleo lifestyle, especially as I have been making double the meals due to my husband not wanting to eat that way.  Oh, he is pretty good to eat a dinner that I've made, but he likes his sweets and treats.  And when the family comes over it's been hard to eat differently from what they are eating.

So in a nutshell, here is how I truly feel.  I like a lot of the concepts that Paleo/Primal teaches, but I don't think it is the only way one should eat.  I think that we need to all, everyone of us study things out and see what is best for us.  I will still eat those good things that I've learned how to make without using grains and sugars (because my body responds well to this), but I will also be looking at ways to incorporate other good foods into my diet.  I think there are some grains that can be beneficial to me that don't contain gluten.  And most importantly, I feel that one must use Moderation when it comes to how we eat.  I feel that our bodies need exercise and we need to use our heads when it comes to our own bodies.

I first began this journey by reading the Green Smoothie Girl's diet.  I felt like she really had something until I came to the part in her book where she says that we shouldn't partake of "animal flesh". To me that was a BIG RED FLAG!  Then I began reading the Original Fast Food diet and he seemed to be onto something, until he too talked about not eating meats.  I think that sometimes people tend to go overboard once they embrace a lifestyle.  I think that God put animals on this earth to help us in one way or another.  I think that when we begin to want to say our way is best and to push it onto another person or to tell them that their lifestyle isn't good ~ then we really need to step back and take a good look at what we are doing.  No one should tell another how they should live.  We each need to do what is best for us.  No one knows what is best for me, except me!  I know my body better than anyone else and I know what it responds best to.  So if I feel I need to eat some grains and carbs, then I should be able to do that without any ridicule, if I feel I need to partake of some protein through eating meats it shouldn't be looked down on because someone else says it's bad.  All in all I think we need to each do what is best for ourselves without pushing it on others.  I think it's okay to share our experiences and let others do their own studying to see if it may help them, but don't ridicule someone else's way of life.  We don't know where they are in their life or what they are going through.  Let's all just try and help each other instead of tearing others down!

October 27, 2013

Empty Nesters

Well, it's been almost 2 weeks since Hannah left on her mission.  We have missed her greatly, but know she is doing well and she's where she needs to be at this time.  It has been a wonderful thing for her in her life.

So since she left it has been a little weird.  My sweet husband and I are having to learn how to be alone together again.  We haven't been alone like this for 28 years.  We had our first son a year and 4 months after we were married and we've had children around since then.  It's interesting how when you have those sweet little ones in common, that is where most of your attention is.  They take up your waking hours and even when you're on a vacation without them they are in your thoughts and most of your conversations.  We have talked about Hannah, but we know she is being taken care of and so we are now talking about our future, what we want to do, and where we want to be in a few years.  Hannah will be back in 18 months and then off to college to start her life and goals.  So now is our time to plan and make decisions for where we want to be in a few years.

It has been fun and frustrating and scary.  We watched the movie Failure to Launch the other night and I started to cry when the mom tells the son that she's afraid to be alone with the dad, because he might not like her anymore.  I truly knew how she was feeling.   I'm happy to say that we are doing well though.  We have spent time golfing, and going to movies and just spending time in the same room reading and enjoying each other.

I do need to be more romantic and do things that show my sweetheart that I am still attracted to him and in Love with him.  I think that women need to do that as much as the men do.  We've decided that we will each plan a date every other weekend.  That way it isn't all put on his shoulders.  I guess I'll have to find ideas on Pinterest and such.

I look forward to this new part of our life together.  I look at it as an adventure and I think it will be fun!  I still love doing things with our family, but I know they all have their lives and their families that they need to do things with.  So we won't do as much with them as we used to and that's ok.  I look forward to the trips and quiet nights and rowdy ballgames, and walks in the area, and movie nights, and just all of the time we will have together from now on.  I Love my sweet husband.  He is so dear to my heart.  I feel blessed to be able to get to know him this way!!

October 18, 2013

Bitter-Sweet Days

We all have them in our lives, those bitter-sweet days.  This last Wednesday was one.  We took our daughter to the Provo MTC where she left to serve the Lord in spreading His Gospel to the lucky people of Tallahassee Florida.

I've done this two times before with my sons.  But this time was a bit different.  This was my daughter and not only that she is my baby.  So I had a little bit of a hard time sending her on her way.  I know she will do well, but when I was holding her in my arms saying good-bye knowing I won't see her for 18 months was hard.  I've been doing so many things with her for so long I just had a hard time knowing I now have to start doing my own thing on my own.  She really made my life fun.  But knowing that this is where she wants to be and knowing how much it will do for her I couldn't not be happy for her.  She was so excited!

The rest of the day my sweet husband and I spent together.  We drove up around the Alpine Loop and it was beautiful.

We spent time shopping at the Outlets at Traverse Mountain, and that was fun.  My husband let me spoil him a bit.  I even got some earrings for myself.  We then walked through Cabela's which we've not done before.  We went to dinner and then decided to go to a pre-season Jazz game.  We stayed pretty busy so that we wouldn't have to go home and miss our daughter.

It's weird walking past her room where everything is all just the same.  My husband cleaned out her car today so we can sell it.  I found an earring she lost and couldn't find.  So life is moving forward and I can't wait to get our first email from her to know she is doing well (which I'm sure she is).  This will take some time getting used to, but by the time she gets home I think it will probably be strange having her back home.

We sure love our sweet girl.  I miss her dearly, but wouldn't ask her to be doing anything different than what she is doing right now!  She is amazing and will be a fantastic missionary.  She has a strong testimony and a burning desire to share it.  I'm so proud of her!!

September 24, 2013

September~ Where the heck did it go??

Oh my heck.  I can't believe the month of September is almost over.  It just flew by.  I last posted Sept 1 and was going to be sure to post a ton this month.  However, that didn't happen.  Here it is the 24th and nothing between then and now.  It isn't for the lack of doing things, in fact it's because I've been so busy that I just down right forgot!

So for the past few weeks we've been finishing up shopping for the mission.  I think we have everything but a bike and I hope we have that within the next couple of days so my stress level can taper off.  She will make a wonderful missionary and a fashionable one at that.  She is so excited she can hardly stand it.  I spent 3 hours in the orthodontists office the other day when she got her braces off.    Now she is anxious to be off because there is nothing more to stop her.

The son's business is going well.  In fact it's going gang busters.  We have more work than we can handle.  We will be looking for more workers and hopefully good honest men.

On the home front ~ I have had a nasty head cold this week, but I can't let that keep me down.  I have way too much to do.  I will be sewing on a baby quilt in the next week or so.  I need to get things ready for Hannah's farewell and all that entails.  I think we will have about 70 - 100 people coming to dinner. And then I will have Hannah help me decorate for Halloween before she leaves.  I can't wait - to decorate that it.  It seems like it's been quite awhile since we did anything fun like that.  I need to update my front-door wreath too!  It's crazy, life just seems to keep on going without a skip in the beat.  I love my life and my family.  I am blessed beyond belief!!

September 01, 2013

Family Reunion - A Change in Outlook!!

This weekend was a wonderful weekend in so many ways.

Let me begin by saying that 3 months ago I was dreading this weekend.  My mom called and told me that it was our family reunion.  For years I have hated family reunions.  I always felt disconnected and not a part of the Call side of my family.  I knew my grand parents and even my great grand parents, but I didn't really know them like my brother who often rode his bike to their home or like my cousins that lived down the lane from them.  They knew them so much better.
I have aunts and uncles on this side of the family that hunt and fish and camp and do all of those outdoor things.  Since I got married 30 years ago, we rarely camp, we do not hunt or fish as my husband has never wanted to do those things.  So I really felt like I didn't have much in common with this side of my family.

On to this weekend.  My sister-in-law's father passed away last week and his funeral was on Saturday, the same day as our reunion.  We decided to support her and attend his funeral instead of going to the reunion and then attend the reunion later in the day (it's an all day event).  So his funeral was beautiful.  Each of the siblings spoke of their father and what a wonderful man he was.  And I can truly say he was a kind and soft-spoken man.  He always asked about our children when we saw him and he always had a kind comment to make.  He was a great example of what we should want to be like.  It made me realize how truly important family is.

We went to the reunion and I went with a whole new outlook!  I know I should have had this outlook much sooner, but you must know that hard-headedness runs on this side of the family and I do tend to have this trait sometimes.  Before we went to the reunion we ran home to change our clothes as the park where it was held was 10 minutes away from our house.  I also did something that I usually never do, I grabbed my camera.  This funeral made me realize that I may not have my family around next year.  My father is getting older and frankly, I'm not sure how long we will have him around.  He has had some real health issues and is going to the doctor this week to see if they can help him.  A few months ago he started losing his balance.  He has fallen a few times since.  He can't seem to get his left leg to work when he stands and it has begun to swell at the ankle.

He is now walking with a cane.
My father is the second to youngest of his siblings and so at the reunion he had an older sister and brother who are in okay health, but you never know. . .   I wanted pictures and I wanted them like I've wanted nothing else for a long time.  So when we showed up at the reunion I began snapping away.  I took pictures of any and everyone.  I got a hug from so many people that I haven't talked to for years.  Sometimes when we'd go to the reunion, and I'm ashamed to admit it, I'd just sit with my own children and talk to them until it was time to go and not have said a word to many there.  What a missed opportunity - what a lame excuse!!  I feel like I've lost so many chances.  However, I am changed in so many ways because of this weekend.  I will never attend another reunion without my camera.  If for nothing more than an opportunity to have people open up and have a way to connect with them.
Everyone - even the ones that claimed that they didn't want their pictures taken ended up smiling and having a great time having their pictures taken!  Once I pulled out my camera, four others pulled theirs out and by the end of the reunion we had a disc created of 351 wonderful pictures!  It was fantastic!  I will never look at a reunion with dislike again!!  These are my family and I may not do the things they do, but I love them all!  We have a crazy lot, but isn't that what makes us all so unique and fun?!

I have to admit that I have always been some one that hated to have my picture taken - to the point that I didn't hire a photographer for my wedding.  I just had a friend that took snapshots.  Well, my out look on that changed yesterday also.  Someone asked to take a picture of me and my sisters.  I usually hate that because I'm the fat sister.  However, I am who I am and I loved having this photo.  I may not be perfect, but my two sisters are gorgeous and I was happy to have this photo because you just never know!!

My niece came for her grandfather's funeral (the one I mentioned earlier).  We don't get to see her very often and she just had a new little one.  So this is a precious picture!  I'm not sure when we'll see her again and her little girl will have grown so much when we do. She is with my daughter.  They loved seeing each other and talking about being mom's.  It seems like everyone is growing and changing and I want to capture every moment and hold on to it!
These two were crawling around and bonked their heads.  They were so cute!!  Next year they will both be walking and running around!

I sure love this family of mine!  I'm grateful to a loving Heavenly Father for them!  I also grateful to Him for opening my eyes to how truly wonderful they all are!!

August 22, 2013

Trying Again!

I wonder if it ever stops, the trying to get healthy - I mean finally feeling on top of everything.  I have figured out that my biggest trigger to my health is S.T.R.E.S.S!

I've gone back to work to help support our youngest daughter in her adventure of going on a mission for our church.  I feel that it is an honor to do everything I can to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so it is worth it, no matter how hard it is.

So I have a really hard time leaving work at work.  I'm supposed to work part-time.  I work for my oldest son helping him run his roofing business.  Well on Tuesdays and Thursdays I carry the office phone and take calls.  So I really never leave work at work.  And, therefore I carry the stress all the time.  I just need to learn how to not internalize it.  We are looking for some hard working guys that are honest.  You wouldn't think it would be difficult, but holy cow!  Either everyone thinks they are worth so much more than they are or they are not very honest or loyal.  I have been shocked.  It isn't like it used to be.  We also have a lot of people that he has worked for in the past that we are still trying to collect money from.  I really don't understand people.  The work was done, you have a new roof, now pay your bill!!

Then there is getting Hannah ready for the mission.  We finally agreed on most of her clothes.  That was a journey in and of itself.  She and I are so different, but when we both finally would agree on things they were really cute!  Now we just have to get the odds and ends together and I still have to sew 2 dresses (I am a major procrastinator)!  I am not looking forward to sewing these.  They are patterns from the 1950s and they are so intimidating!!

And last, but not least I have a grand baby on the way and am so not prepared.  For the last 2 I had quilts made as well as carseat covers, etc.  Nada for this little girl.  I feel so bad!  I am hoping that once Hannah leaves I have time to make some cute things, but I won't have them for the baby shower.  I hope my daughter-in-law forgives me.

So with all of this stress I woke up the other day with abdominal pain again.  Last time it lasted for 4 months and several hundred dollars later I gave up seeing doctors and just went off sugar and it helped. So here I am again trying the no sugar thing.  You'd think I'd learn - buuuuut nooooo!  So I began an coconut oil cleanse last night, without thinking.  I was up all night and was still cleansing this morning. I took more coconut oil today (you take between 10 to 14 TBSP) throughout the day and now I am finally feeling like my gut is okay, but I have this massive headache.  I knew I would have that though, so I was prepared for it.   So now I am going to be strict and do the no sugar thing for a year!  Yep, I've committed with my oldest daughter to do this with her.  After a year I am going to try go incorporate a few grains as I think the Lord blessed us with them, we must need them somewhat.  So no more DR. Pepper, no more candy, no more rice and starches that turn to sugar in my body.  I think I'm really going to miss popcorn the most when we go to the movies.  I love that stuff, but it isn't good for me and I know it!  So here we go ~ I'm trying again!!  Wish me luck!!

August 12, 2013


Don't you just hate it when at 2:00 a.m. you are awakened by a mosquito flying around your head.  You know he's there to suck out all of your blood and that in the morning your going to awaken looking like Quasimodo!  I hate it!!  That is what happened last night.  But I tricked him.  I flung my arms around and scared him away long enough to cover my whole head and body with the sheet.
He bit my daughter instead!  He only got her leg which was a good thing and I'm glad he didn't deform her face, but I was also glad he didn't get me.  I have to go mosquito hunting tonight before bed, because I know he's out there and I don't want to relive that again!

Just thought you'd like to know.  Life is moving along and we're still getting our daughter ready for her mission.  She will be leaving in October and I know that will be here before I know it.  So I'm taking advantage of every minute with her that I can.  We are trying to go to every Temple in Utah before she leaves.  We have gone to 6 and we have 6 more to go.  It has been a lot of fun.  Tomorrow we are going to the Qquirrh (pronounced Oh-kerr).  My parents are going with us and I'm also taking advantage of that.  My father is having some health issues and I'm not sure at his age if he will regain his health or not, so I'm happy to have time with them also.

It's a beautiful day and Life is good!!

July 28, 2013

I'm Back!!!

I don't think there are many that read my blog, but for those few that do, I just wanted to let you know I'm Back!!  I think the break I took was wonderful for my soul.  I needed to get my health, heart, mind and body back to a nearly normal place.  I had some healing to do and in a BIG way!  This picture was a recent one taken of our family and I can tell I'm feeling so much better just in how I look in it. I will add some more throughout this post.  I love my family.

I found that the pain I was experiencing in the Spring was due to sugar.  I couldn't believe it.  However when I went off it and the pain subsided I had to face reality.  Sugar is like a huge poison to my body.  I've been pretty good this summer staying off of it mostly.  Once in awhile I'll sneak a little something and I've done okay, but I am not pushing the issue.  I know it isn't good for me and so I'm okay with the rare occasion that I do partake of this.  I am eating much healthier now and intend to continue to do those things that will feed my body and spirit with good things, the things my Heavenly Father intended me to take in.

Our youngest daughter also got her mission call and we have been getting her ready to serve a mission for our church.  Yes, we're mormon and love it.  She was called to the Florida Tallahassee Mission.  She will leave and go into the mission training center on October 16th.  She had a big wait due to the fact that she had her braces on and they won't let her go out until they are off.  I've been grateful for the waiting period we've had because I'm finding it's harder getting a young woman ready vs. getting a young man ready.  There is so much to getting her clothing, etc that I didn't have to do with my boys.  You sent them out with 2 suits and 10-12 white shirts and ties.  How hard was that?!  It's been a totally different experience with her.  But I'm loving every minute that she and I have together to build memories!  I have every Tuesday off work and we are trying to attend each of the LDS Temples in Utah before she leaves on her mission.  It's been fun!  I will really miss her when she is gone, but I know she will do a good job spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and loving the people of Florida.

I've also gone back to work.  I know crazy, but we had to pay for this mission somehow and that seemed to be the answer.  My oldest son has a roofing business and he fell in to some bad roofing relationships this spring.  The gentleman that he was going to partner with took all of the money and left my son holding the debt of 75,000.  So my son paid the debt, but now we're having to go to court to try and get some of the money back from the so-called partner.   About a month after we filed the law suit against that guy we found out that our son's accountant had been embezzling money from him and others.  He was out another 20,000.  So he ended up having to lay-off some of his workers and start from scratch again.  So I have taken over his office and we are getting things back to where they should be.  I'm happy I could help him and that he could help me.  It's been a little crazy, but I couldn't ask for a better boss!
Our 3rd grandchild is due in November and I will write more on that later!

I am still being a grandmother on the days that I can and loving every minute of it.  I was just called to serve as a primary teacher in our ward (I will teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the 3 and 4 year olds). I went today and had a ball.   The Primary President apologized to me today saying that she hadn't called me to this position but that our Bishop had just decided that was what I needed to do.  I have to say (and I thought a lot about this) ~  It doesn't matter where you serve, whether it was a call of inspiration or desperation, but the fact that you are willing to serve and serve with all of your heart that matters.  We should all be willing to serve our Lord and be happy to do so!   That is my thoughts on that one, so she didn't need to apologize.  I'm happy to serve!

That is where I have been and a little of what has been going on in my life.  I will continue to keep in touch now.  I'm sure I'll take small breaks here and there, but for the most part - I'm Back and happy to be here!!

February 28, 2013

Back to the Basics of Life

I haven't written for quite awhile.  Truth be told, I've not been well.  I have Celiac disease and every once in awhile for seemingly no reason my digestive track hits me blindside.  It will often take me out for a week or two at the most.  This time it has been 3 months.  I've been fighting this and now have decided to take the break from life.  I've been released from my church calling as RS President where I was responsible for approximately 150 woman in our church area.  This has been a big stress relief.  My work has also changed.  I do mortgage loans and just changed brokers.  I have decided that for awhile I am taking a break from this also.  The less stress in my life the better.  I have found that stress is a huge factor in these episodes. 

Tomorrow morning I am going in for a CT Scan to see if they can figure out why I'm in such pain.  I am hoping that the Dr's can help me find the answers I need to help me begin the healing process yet again.  I'm not sure what the Drs will say or what may be wrong, but I'm hoping that it's nothing serious.  Keep your fingers cross and hopefully I'll be back really soon!

Meanwhile, I will be taking a break from this blog.  I hope I see you back when the time comes, and I will continue reading all of the wonderful blogs out there, but I just need to be disconnected for a time.  I guess I'm just getting back to the basics of my life. 

February 03, 2013

Ready for Spring!

I don't know about anyone else, but I am so ready for Spring!  This week we took a break from the weather in Northern Utah and are in Arizona. 

In January we in the Northern Utah experienced our natural phenomenon that comes and goes every winter.  It has done since Lewis and Clark.  It is what is called an inversion.  Where we live it got as cold as -19 and we didn't see the sun for about 3 weeks time.  Then we got a wonderful snow storm and got 12 inches of snow in 1 day.  That cleared the gunk out of the air, but it was still cloudy for a couple of days because of the storm.  I did actually see the sun for 2 days then the inversion began to build in again. 

So now I find myself in Arizona.  It has been cloudy all day and has sprinkled rain.  However, after watching the weather on their news here, it is supposed to be sunny and in the 70's.  Wahoo!!  I think I've come to Heaven.  I plan on being out in the sun for the week, until Friday and Saturday when it is supposed to rain here again (it should be in the high 60's).  If my family lived here I think I could live here and be happy.  But this is not to be so I will have to visit here during the winters.  I think I would not be adverse to being a snowbird, but time will tell.  Anyway, I am so ready for the Spring.  I'm ready for new beginnings, for sunshine and warm Spring showers.  I'm ready for green sprouting up in the fields and the smell of soil.  I'm ready to see friends that have hibernated all winter and I look forward to seeing the children in the neighborhood riding their bikes down my driveway.  I really am looking forward to Springtime!!

January 26, 2013


Twenty-nine years ago today I married my best friend.  We have had a lot of different experiences since that wonderful day.  It's crazy, the day we went to get married in the Logan Temple it was crazy foggy.  So I didn't take my veil or flowers or anything because I figured it was too foggy to take any pictures.  We didn't have a photographer or anything, so what are the odds.  When we came out of the Temple it was beautiful sunshine!
We had the reception in our church building. There were lots of friends and family that came and celebrated that day with us.

My dad was so excited that he jumped for joy that day!  We have this picture and it makes me laugh!  What wonderful memories I have of these times.  We have had ups and downs and crazy times, but through it all it's been a real adventure!

January 17, 2013

Fun Times and Changing Times

So for the last couple of days I've been able to spend some special time with this little guy!
It has been a fun time being with this little guy.  We live a ways away from him and so I don't get to spend too much time with him.  He has been such a joy.  He has been such a happy baby, and he's growing so incredibly fast.  It has been a blessing having him in our family.  He's a great little sleeper and such a joy.

On the other hand, we found out tonight that changes are happening on the work front.  I have been doing loan processing for a company out of Roy, Utah.  My boss came over today and told us that we will be making changes and that I will now be working for him, through another company.  I hope that this makes things easier.  One thing I will say for my boss,  he went to bat for all of his loan officers so that none of us would lose our jobs.  What a great guy.  I will write more when I find out how this will impact me.

And last but not least, tonight I made an incredible recipe.  It's called Roasted Cauliflower and Mushroom Soup.  Even my husband ate 2 bowls of it.  And he's not a mushroom soup guy.  So I guess the recipe is a keeper.  I got it from this website here.  It was easy to make and made the house smell so good.  Here is the recipe I hope you enjoy!

Creamy Roasted Cauliflower and Mushroom Soup

  • 1 head of cauliflower, cut into pieces
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2-3 pieces of bacon (optional)
  • 2 tbsp bacon grease, butter or coconut oil
  • 1/4-1/2 cup white onion, diced
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 tsp fresh thyme or 3 tsp dried
  • 8 oz mushrooms, sliced
  • 1/4 cup white wine
  • 3 cups homemade chicken broth (or canned) 3/4 cup full fat coconut milk 2 tbsp grass-fed butter (optional) sea salt and pepper

Cooking Steps

Place the pieces of cauliflower in a bowl and coat with the 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Place single layer on a parchment lined cookie sheet and sprinkle with salt and pepper and roast at 400 for 25-30 minutes
Cook the bacon in a skillet, reserve the grease, cut the bacon into pieces and set aside
Place the bacon grease, coconut oil or butter in a large sauce pan with the onion. Saute the onions until slightly browned
Add the garlic, thyme and mushrooms. Saute until the mushrooms are tender, about 5-10 minutes
Add the white wine and de-glaze the pan
Add the chicken broth and cauliflower and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer for 5 minutes
Place the soup, coconut milk and optional butter in a food processor or blender and combine until desired consistency
Salt and pepper to taste
Sprinkle the bacon pieces on top (optional)

January 15, 2013

Confessions ~ Taking Control of Life

Oh, I can't believe we're already half way through the month of January and I'm having to confess that I need to get back on the wagon. 

During the holidays I went off my Primal diet figuring that it wouldn't be that hard getting back on after.  Oh how wrong I was!!  I have struggled trying to get back off sugar since then. I can't believe how addicted I am to the stuff.  I had my husband hide the chocolate covered asai berries that were in my food storage and I've tried to throw out the other goodies in the house.  I do okay for a day, but then I get the headaches (dye off symptoms) and my heck I give right back in.  Yesterday I even searched the house for chocolate chips.  I felt so like a child and out of control of my life.  So as of this moment I am taking my life back and will not go back. 

I felt so good prior to the holidays.  I lost 15 pounds.  My sinuses were clear.  My skin looked beautiful and I felt good.  I had energy.  Now I'm reduced to a slug-type existence and I refuse to live like this anymore.  I want to be happy and healthy and feel wonderful.  I may not be model thin, but I can live with that as long as I have energy and know that the things I'm putting in my body are healthy and won't hurt me any longer. 

On a better note, I have been using coconut oil as my moisturizer.  I've made my own oil cleanser and my skin is looking good.  I am even going to try to make my own mascara later this week.  I will post later if this works. 

Have a wonderful week and remember ~ It's a beautiful day, life is good!

January 04, 2013

Looking Forward ~ 2013

So there are some things that I am looking forward to this year.  You'd think I was already wishing my year away - but I'm really not.  I'm just looking forward to these things happening.  As this year began, I wasn't sure about a couple of them but have made some decisions and now I feel a bit more centered. 

First off, I will be starting 2 beehives in our backyard.  I'm really excited to do this.  My sister has had a beehive in her yard and you can't believe her garden and plants.  Her yard is beautiful and she gets the benefit of having honey at the end of the summer.  I can't wait for this also, because I'm trying to get us a little more self-reliant and also off sugar.  So honey will be a great alternative.

Secondly, we are looking forward to our daughter putting in her mission papers in March or April.  She will turn 19 in July and can put her papers in 120 days prior to her birthday.  She has had this goal for years and it will be fun to see her determination pay off.  She is determined to take the love of our Savior out to the world and share.  I think this will be a wonderful opportunity for her to grown and learn how to love many people as well as have her testimony and faith grow.

Thirdly, I will be doing more work with our church on Family History.  I've been trying to make the decision to go back to work or do something where I can be more involved with people.  We live so far out that I was really considering starting a new business just to have something to do.  However, as I considered doing this, the feeling that I needed to focus on my own family kept creeping back on me.  And would I have the time to be the mom, wife and grandmother that I wanted to be starting a company?  Would it be all consuming? (I think it would have been).  Knowing my personality I would have put 110% into it and everything else would have suffered.  So now, I will do family history and temple work a couple days a week (that way I will see people) and on the other days I will continue to do mortgage loans for people and that will give me time to be a mom and grandma too.  My income isn't as important as my husbands, so I figure I can afford to do this.  I think it will be fun learning about who my ancestors were and what they were like.  I can't wait to start this.

So it is starting out to be a wonderful year with many new things to look forward to.  Life, what an adventure!!