May 27, 2012

Graduation Week

This week our youngest daughter will graduate from Bear River High School.  She has decided to go to Utah State University.  She and a few of her friends went to USU for a day of orientation.  They had alot of fun and took this picture together.  She has had a wonderful time at Bear River High School.  She has made wonderful friends and had wonderful opportunities.  She was on the Varsity soccer team, the track team and also on the Seminary council.  She had the opportunity to attend all of the dances except one this year.  She has had so much to do.  She was able to take several college courses and will be quite a ways ahead when she has to sign up for classes.  As her parents, we are so happy and proud of her and all she has accomplished this year!  She is our last child to graduate from high school. 

It will now be getting quieter at our house.  I will miss having the school activities to go to.  It has been 22 years that we have had children in school and now we will begin a new chapter in our lives.  We have been blessed as parents with lovely children that have a love of their Savior and a desire to be great adults!  We will enjoy this last graduation!  We truly love our children and are so grateful for the blessings they have been in our lives!!