January 04, 2013

Looking Forward ~ 2013

So there are some things that I am looking forward to this year.  You'd think I was already wishing my year away - but I'm really not.  I'm just looking forward to these things happening.  As this year began, I wasn't sure about a couple of them but have made some decisions and now I feel a bit more centered. 

First off, I will be starting 2 beehives in our backyard.  I'm really excited to do this.  My sister has had a beehive in her yard and you can't believe her garden and plants.  Her yard is beautiful and she gets the benefit of having honey at the end of the summer.  I can't wait for this also, because I'm trying to get us a little more self-reliant and also off sugar.  So honey will be a great alternative.

Secondly, we are looking forward to our daughter putting in her mission papers in March or April.  She will turn 19 in July and can put her papers in 120 days prior to her birthday.  She has had this goal for years and it will be fun to see her determination pay off.  She is determined to take the love of our Savior out to the world and share.  I think this will be a wonderful opportunity for her to grown and learn how to love many people as well as have her testimony and faith grow.

Thirdly, I will be doing more work with our church on Family History.  I've been trying to make the decision to go back to work or do something where I can be more involved with people.  We live so far out that I was really considering starting a new business just to have something to do.  However, as I considered doing this, the feeling that I needed to focus on my own family kept creeping back on me.  And would I have the time to be the mom, wife and grandmother that I wanted to be starting a company?  Would it be all consuming? (I think it would have been).  Knowing my personality I would have put 110% into it and everything else would have suffered.  So now, I will do family history and temple work a couple days a week (that way I will see people) and on the other days I will continue to do mortgage loans for people and that will give me time to be a mom and grandma too.  My income isn't as important as my husbands, so I figure I can afford to do this.  I think it will be fun learning about who my ancestors were and what they were like.  I can't wait to start this.

So it is starting out to be a wonderful year with many new things to look forward to.  Life, what an adventure!!

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