January 26, 2013


Twenty-nine years ago today I married my best friend.  We have had a lot of different experiences since that wonderful day.  It's crazy, the day we went to get married in the Logan Temple it was crazy foggy.  So I didn't take my veil or flowers or anything because I figured it was too foggy to take any pictures.  We didn't have a photographer or anything, so what are the odds.  When we came out of the Temple it was beautiful sunshine!
We had the reception in our church building. There were lots of friends and family that came and celebrated that day with us.

My dad was so excited that he jumped for joy that day!  We have this picture and it makes me laugh!  What wonderful memories I have of these times.  We have had ups and downs and crazy times, but through it all it's been a real adventure!


It all began here said...

Jil, you have such a beautiful smile. I cannot believe how much your Hannah looks like you.

Congrats on 29 years!!!!!

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

Happy Anniversary. 29 years is something to be proud of. Congrats.

Kristanne Willden said...

It is so fun to catch up on your blog. I love the pictures of your wedding. So cute. memories to cherish. I hope your feeling better soon, and that the primal diet helps you. I don't think I could give up sugar. You're brave!