August 12, 2013


Don't you just hate it when at 2:00 a.m. you are awakened by a mosquito flying around your head.  You know he's there to suck out all of your blood and that in the morning your going to awaken looking like Quasimodo!  I hate it!!  That is what happened last night.  But I tricked him.  I flung my arms around and scared him away long enough to cover my whole head and body with the sheet.
He bit my daughter instead!  He only got her leg which was a good thing and I'm glad he didn't deform her face, but I was also glad he didn't get me.  I have to go mosquito hunting tonight before bed, because I know he's out there and I don't want to relive that again!

Just thought you'd like to know.  Life is moving along and we're still getting our daughter ready for her mission.  She will be leaving in October and I know that will be here before I know it.  So I'm taking advantage of every minute with her that I can.  We are trying to go to every Temple in Utah before she leaves.  We have gone to 6 and we have 6 more to go.  It has been a lot of fun.  Tomorrow we are going to the Qquirrh (pronounced Oh-kerr).  My parents are going with us and I'm also taking advantage of that.  My father is having some health issues and I'm not sure at his age if he will regain his health or not, so I'm happy to have time with them also.

It's a beautiful day and Life is good!!

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