March 25, 2011

Bursting of Bubbles - Celiac Disease

So in a previous post (here) I told about the possibility of getting a transfusion from my father because he had healed himself of Celiac Disease.  Well the bubble was burst yesterday when we got a letter from the University of Utah.  It stated that although they were okay with the procedure and that Dr. Zone (that's who my dad has been under study with) was also for the procedure.  The Director of the Transfusion Department was not.  He stated that they couldn't say for sure that I would be helped by this procedure as they don't really know how my father's disease was put into remission.   He stated that he was concerned that some adverse event might occur. He was particularly concerned about the possibility of transfusion related and acute lung injury,  which is a cause of death related to transfusions. He was very concerned that he could think of no reason why this treatment might be beneficial and that indeed there is a risk associated with it. He said "There are a lot of risks with this.  Transfusion Associated graft-versus-host, alloimmunization to RBC and HLA antibodies, transfusion transmitted disease, etc.  And he saw no justification for this, no upside, and many potential downsides.  

So for now I will have to continue to live with the state of my disease.  I will remain on a gluten-free diet in hopes that someday we may have a way to cure this disease. 

Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers!

March 23, 2011

Happy Spring

We've had a happy Spring at our house!  No it has nothing to do with the weather.  Although days like today full of sunshine and warmer air are nice and I won't complain if we get more of them.  But the happiness at our house has to do with the gift our daughter and her husband have given our family.  We were given the sweetest gift and that is a grandchild.  

She is adorable, but then I am biased.  She has a sweet disposition and is about as cute as they get.  

I've been asked if I feel different as a grandma.  I must say that I really don't.  I've been able to spend time with her and have loved every minute.  But until I hear her utter the word "Grandma" I don't think it will feel different.  I feel kind of like a big helper right now.  I'm able to help my daughter and do what needs to be done, but I guess it hasn't sunk in yet or something.  Anyway, this has been a wonderful Spring, snow or no snow.  We have joy in our hearts and gratitude to a loving Heavenly Father for blessing our family in such a wonderful way!

March 17, 2011

Growing Old Gracefully?

Okay, I have a confession to make.  I have this thing about hair.  Since the day I got married, I can't seem to find a hair style that I want to stay with.  I will have it cut in one style and then about 3 months later I have to change it again.  The only time that this schedule differs is perhaps when I cut it too short and have to grow it out so that I can cut it again in a different cute style.  I drive my husband nuts!  Anywho, now that I'm getting close to the big 50, not only am I changing the cut, but I'm changing the color quite a bit.  I get so bored with just the same old thing.  And, I've found these 2 new friends Clairol and Revlon.  They are great.  They make my life easier and funner.  If I do by chance find a color of their's that I like, the next time I go to the store, I can't seem to find it again.  Thus the cycle continues. 

On Saturday, I was coloring my hair, because my hubby was in Salt Lake and I had plenty of me time.  I got all of the color in and had waited the appropriate amount of time - well, I went over by 30 minutes because I was on facebook.  But I figured that it would be well dyed by now.  So I hopped in the shower and got ready for the day.  Next thing I know after drying my newly dyed hair - I have skunk hair!  The front 1/3 was one color and the rest was a totally different color.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  I wasn't really happy with Revlon at this point, so luckily I had Clairol.  I again put the color on, doing the back 2/3 and leaving it on for 10 minutes and then added the rest to the front and waited another 20 minutes.  It turned out good.  I finally didn't have skunk hair. 

I also have another new friend - her name is Jamie.  She's a wiz at doing my hair.  So yesterday she added blond and caramel highlights to my already twice dyed hair.  (I wondered if I would feel like the little girl in the old Tony's Perm adds, where she's sitting on a tree stump crying with her hair in a friz ball), but no I'm finally feeling normal.  I will however need to do a couple of hot oil treatments to get the dryness under control from Saturday's fiasco.  Jamie also did a cute Spring hair cut and I'm ready to go for another few weeks before the need to change hits again!  Oh, if only I could grow old gracefully - but no, I guess I'll be fighting it all the way!  It's an adventure!

March 15, 2011

Waiting, Patiently Waiting!

I think the title says it all.  We are patiently waiting.  It's long and hard, but nothing like what Maddi will be doing soon.  However, I must say that I think the wait is harder for the grandma than even for the mom.  At least she is able to enjoy feeling that little one still wiggle inside and know that all is well.  While the rest of us are on pins and needles waiting.  Don't get me wrong.  I know that in your 9th month you are very ready to have that child.  But as a grandparent you can't wait to see that sweet little child and know that someone else is responsible for it.  Not that you wouldn't do everything you could for it, but this time it's different.  You get to love and spoil it and just find the joy in it that you were too busy to see when you were raising your own.  And now you get to see how your daughter does as a mom!  I'm sure I will be proud.  Maddi will be a great mom!

I never thought about how it affected others, this child birth thing.  Now I know.  Isn't it funny how we get a new perspective at different stages in our lives.  Again, I must say I have gained a greater appreciation for both my mom and my mother-in-law.  They were always fantastic when I had my babies.  And I hope I can be as good a grandma as they were and have been.  They were always willing to help out in times of need.

I hope this anticipation ends soon and that we get to meet this sweet little girl quickly.  I think this is harder than waiting for Christmas morning when you're a kid!  I'm so excited!  It will be so fun to watch her grow and learn and become the wonderful person she is destined to be!  This is going to be wonderful!

March 07, 2011


I'm so glad last week is over.  I had to teach the RS lesson and I have to admit that I did procrastinate.  The lesson subject was one that I have a hard time with and so I guess I thought that if I put it off long enough that it might go away.  Not so.  In fact, I've learned a very valuable lesson.  It just made it harder.  I should have faced up to it and had it done early.  That way, I could have had more time to study and perhaps improved myself more.

My lesson was on gaining strength by following the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  As I stated in my lesson, I have a hard time sometimes when it's a still, small voice.  I really need it to slap me or shake me and yell directly in my face to get me to listen.  But I am trying to be better.  I feel like I especially need it in my calling as the RS President.  The 3 points I tried to make were from Elder Bednar's conference talk in 2010.  Elder Bednar said that to have the Holy Spirit we must, 1) Sincerely Desire to have the spirit's companionship.  This isn't hard for me.  I desire it often.  Then 2) we must Appropriately Invite the Spirit to be with us.  I think this is where I sometimes fail.  I forget to invite him to be with me as I get so distracted in my daily routine.  I must remember to invite him with prayer.  And lastly 3) we must obey the commandments.  I think I do okay in this department, but there is always room for improvement in my life.

I'm glad my lesson is over, but I need to now start preparing for my next lesson.  Although I do have a few months and that's good.  I just have to remember not to wait too long!!!

On a not related note, we got word from the UofU that I now have to be approved for the transfusion of my father's blood by a new department.  Who knows when that will happen, but I still have hope and it's only been six months that we've been working to get this done.  But if it works for me (that my Celiac can be healed) it will open many doors for others.  So I can't complain the wait will be well worth it if we can get it approved!