November 26, 2013

Time is Flying

We have had so many happenings this past month and I haven't kept up on the blog.

First off, I fell off the wagon and for a couple of weeks I let sugar back into the diet.  Wow, what a mistake!!  Horrible mood swings, crying jags, headaches, and my costochondritis came back.  It took about a week but I am back on the mend.  I am pretty much over the sugar cravings, the mood swings are gone, I'm not crying and I'm happy,  my stress level is do able, and my ribs, well that I'm still trying to get under control.  I have made a decision that sugar just isn't worth the pain and misery that I experience when I partake.

So with that said, how do I do the holidays ~ well I think quite easily.  I am still eating mostly paleo and sometimes clean, but I am feeling so much better.  I am going to try and make pumpkin pie with a paleo recipe and really I don't make a lot of sugary things so until the Christmas season I think I'll be ok.  During the Christmas season I think my kids will be more than happy to eat up the snacks that are brought by and I myself don't plan on making any so I'm hoping that will get me through.

This last week we had an addition to our family and what a sweet little addition she is.  We are so happy to have her here and well and healthy.  She is so sweet and tiny.  It has been fun!  I love how our family is growing.  We now have 3 sweet grandchildren and they are all such wonderful little people!

Our Hannah is loving being on her mission in Florida.  She is learning to love the people there.  She is having a wonderful time having new experiences that are helping her testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ grow.  She's also learning to understand others and their thoughts and actions.  It has been a challenge, but she is shining and I love her dearly!  I also miss her tons! But I wouldn't have her anywhere else right now.  She is where she will grow the most.  I can't wait to talk to her at Christmas!

My son that I work for ~ well his company is growing in leaps and bounds.  It's crazy, just when I think things are going to slow down, we'll get a freak windstorm that does a lot of damage to the roofs in our area and we are off and running again.  I'm so happy for him that he is doing so well.  It's nice to see your children become successful!

Our younger son is just about to finish with his Bachelor's degree.  He has one more semester and he will be done.  He will be the first of our children to finish college.  I can't wait to celebrate this step towards his future with him!

That is about all for now, as time is flying and there is so much to do!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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