October 27, 2013

Empty Nesters

Well, it's been almost 2 weeks since Hannah left on her mission.  We have missed her greatly, but know she is doing well and she's where she needs to be at this time.  It has been a wonderful thing for her in her life.

So since she left it has been a little weird.  My sweet husband and I are having to learn how to be alone together again.  We haven't been alone like this for 28 years.  We had our first son a year and 4 months after we were married and we've had children around since then.  It's interesting how when you have those sweet little ones in common, that is where most of your attention is.  They take up your waking hours and even when you're on a vacation without them they are in your thoughts and most of your conversations.  We have talked about Hannah, but we know she is being taken care of and so we are now talking about our future, what we want to do, and where we want to be in a few years.  Hannah will be back in 18 months and then off to college to start her life and goals.  So now is our time to plan and make decisions for where we want to be in a few years.

It has been fun and frustrating and scary.  We watched the movie Failure to Launch the other night and I started to cry when the mom tells the son that she's afraid to be alone with the dad, because he might not like her anymore.  I truly knew how she was feeling.   I'm happy to say that we are doing well though.  We have spent time golfing, and going to movies and just spending time in the same room reading and enjoying each other.

I do need to be more romantic and do things that show my sweetheart that I am still attracted to him and in Love with him.  I think that women need to do that as much as the men do.  We've decided that we will each plan a date every other weekend.  That way it isn't all put on his shoulders.  I guess I'll have to find ideas on Pinterest and such.

I look forward to this new part of our life together.  I look at it as an adventure and I think it will be fun!  I still love doing things with our family, but I know they all have their lives and their families that they need to do things with.  So we won't do as much with them as we used to and that's ok.  I look forward to the trips and quiet nights and rowdy ballgames, and walks in the area, and movie nights, and just all of the time we will have together from now on.  I Love my sweet husband.  He is so dear to my heart.  I feel blessed to be able to get to know him this way!!

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