February 03, 2013

Ready for Spring!

I don't know about anyone else, but I am so ready for Spring!  This week we took a break from the weather in Northern Utah and are in Arizona. 

In January we in the Northern Utah experienced our natural phenomenon that comes and goes every winter.  It has done since Lewis and Clark.  It is what is called an inversion.  Where we live it got as cold as -19 and we didn't see the sun for about 3 weeks time.  Then we got a wonderful snow storm and got 12 inches of snow in 1 day.  That cleared the gunk out of the air, but it was still cloudy for a couple of days because of the storm.  I did actually see the sun for 2 days then the inversion began to build in again. 

So now I find myself in Arizona.  It has been cloudy all day and has sprinkled rain.  However, after watching the weather on their news here, it is supposed to be sunny and in the 70's.  Wahoo!!  I think I've come to Heaven.  I plan on being out in the sun for the week, until Friday and Saturday when it is supposed to rain here again (it should be in the high 60's).  If my family lived here I think I could live here and be happy.  But this is not to be so I will have to visit here during the winters.  I think I would not be adverse to being a snowbird, but time will tell.  Anyway, I am so ready for the Spring.  I'm ready for new beginnings, for sunshine and warm Spring showers.  I'm ready for green sprouting up in the fields and the smell of soil.  I'm ready to see friends that have hibernated all winter and I look forward to seeing the children in the neighborhood riding their bikes down my driveway.  I really am looking forward to Springtime!!

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Kristanne Willden said...

I love Spring. It is my favorite time of year. Can't say I am quite ready for it yet though. We don't get the inversion which is nice, but we haven't had much snow either. It's been a pretty brown/drab winter. I want some snow!!!!