September 17, 2011

Rewards of a Mother

I have a son that is living in another state.  He has struggled in getting a job and getting on his feet.  He is finally working for a company that he likes and is doing okay.  He and I talk a couple of times a week and I'm glad that we have the relationship that we have. 

So, today when he called we were talking and he said, "Mom I want to tell you about an experience that I had yesterday."  He then proceeded to tell me about how while he was out doing sales he was approached by a woman.  She asked him for some money and told him how she was struggling.  He took her to a nearby store and bought diapers and wipes for her children.  During their conversation, she told him that she had been to a funeral in the city in which he lives,but she needed to get back to her home in another city.   He left her with food for her and the kids and then went on his way.  He said he went and got himself some dinner and while he was eating he couldn't get this lady out of his mind.  He said he thought to himself, "I've done enough."  Then the story of the Good Samaritan came to his mind as well as the thought "When can we say we've done enough?"  So he went back and gave her enough money to get her and her children back to their home.  He told me how good he felt that he had been able to help her out.   He is getting by okay, but not totally on top of his finances yet, but he was able to lift another's burden.  I am proud of the man he has become. 

I have wonderful children that think of others.  This is one of the rewards that I've been able to enjoy and I feel blessed that Heavenly Father sent these children to my home for me to raise and love.  It is so rewarding knowing that they listen to the Spirit.  That the things that they were taught in our home have been kept in their hearts to be acted upon when they are inspired to do so!  As a Mom I am truly blessed! 

September 16, 2011


Yesterday and the day before were crazy!  I am still trying to learn my job and it has been rather frustrating as the trainer has decided that he has trained enough and I am now on my own.  However, I think this has been a blessing as I am turning to others and finding friends as well as people that are willing to help and make the going easier.  But it's still hard. 

As I reflected on yesterday, I smile.  I worked hard in the morning, got my work done (now I'm waiting on others).  I started on my daughters senior quilt, I attended a friend's mom's viewing, I got to attend my daughter's soccer game and then I went to a class with a dear friend.  It was a busy day, but one that I totally enjoyed!  I felt like I had accomplished something and then I was rewarded by being able to enjoy the talents of others.  What a blessing!

I feel like I'm growing.  It's hard to push the boundries that I'm comfortable in, but I'm growing and when I look back on how hard the beginnings were I will smile to see how I've grown!!   It's all worth the struggle!!

September 07, 2011

Simple Truths

Today I read something that made sense to me!  You can also read it "here".  You know when you read a simple truth and it just makes sense.  It touches you heart and it becomes a part of you.  That is how I felt when I read this daily thought.  I've been in turmoil lately with some things going on in my family and this small thought spoke to my spirit.  As I read it I felt a peace come over me that hadn't been mine for a time.  I am grateful that I found this small bit of inspiration.  I hope it helps someone else out there and gives them the peace I was able to attain today!