February 22, 2012


We have 4 children, and throughout the years I've wondered if they would be friends and realize that in the end all you have is family. This thought has come and gone as they played, teased, argued, fought, and then seemed to be inseparable again.

Now, jump forward 20+ years and again this morning that thought has been on my mind. We had an incident last night. One child reprimanded a relative on what he thought wasn't appropriate behavior. Now one of his siblings has taken it upon herself to talk her brother down. My heart broke as this happened!

It is so hard to see them struggle with issues that really don't matter. However, this pair of siblings has never really liked each other and I know as a parent the only thing I can do is try to kindly council and try to help them realize that one day the relationship they have with each other will depend on how much effort they put into it now and pray and pray that someday they will find a warm spot in their hearts for each other. I hope that this will someday happen. I guess I take heart that even our Heavenly Father had children that were rebelious and didn't get along. I guess that I had always hoped that our family wouldn't have to deal with these situations though.

I'm sorry to vent on my blog, but maybe someone out there will have the answer. . . .

Do they ever learn to love each other??

February 13, 2012


My oldest daughter has been here for 3 weeks recovering from back surgery. We've also had our granddaughter here. Let me tell you, I can appreciate the fact that young women have children. It has taken me 3 weeks to finally get into a rhythm. Getting up with a 10-mo-old has not been as easy as I thought it would be. But it has been a blast! I have had so much fun with this little one! She is learning to crawl and teething and being such a sweet little angle.

It has also given me time with my oldest daughter that I will always cherish. Before she got married and had her little girl, she wanted to be independent and always wanted to be off on her own. She and I have been able to talk and spend precious time together. She is healing and getting better and I know the time will be short before she is back on her own doing her own thing with her family. But for now I am enjoying each and every minute of these two that I can.

My youngest daughter has been offered a full-ride scholarship in Iowa at Iowa Lakes Community College playing soccer for them. She has decided to take it and so I am going to take advantage of every minute I have with her too! Time flys way too fast and before you know it all of my girls will be off on their own. As a mom it's both gratifying and a little sad. You love to see your children become successful, but I truly miss them when they are gone.

I am a blessed mom and grandma!!