August 22, 2013

Trying Again!

I wonder if it ever stops, the trying to get healthy - I mean finally feeling on top of everything.  I have figured out that my biggest trigger to my health is S.T.R.E.S.S!

I've gone back to work to help support our youngest daughter in her adventure of going on a mission for our church.  I feel that it is an honor to do everything I can to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so it is worth it, no matter how hard it is.

So I have a really hard time leaving work at work.  I'm supposed to work part-time.  I work for my oldest son helping him run his roofing business.  Well on Tuesdays and Thursdays I carry the office phone and take calls.  So I really never leave work at work.  And, therefore I carry the stress all the time.  I just need to learn how to not internalize it.  We are looking for some hard working guys that are honest.  You wouldn't think it would be difficult, but holy cow!  Either everyone thinks they are worth so much more than they are or they are not very honest or loyal.  I have been shocked.  It isn't like it used to be.  We also have a lot of people that he has worked for in the past that we are still trying to collect money from.  I really don't understand people.  The work was done, you have a new roof, now pay your bill!!

Then there is getting Hannah ready for the mission.  We finally agreed on most of her clothes.  That was a journey in and of itself.  She and I are so different, but when we both finally would agree on things they were really cute!  Now we just have to get the odds and ends together and I still have to sew 2 dresses (I am a major procrastinator)!  I am not looking forward to sewing these.  They are patterns from the 1950s and they are so intimidating!!

And last, but not least I have a grand baby on the way and am so not prepared.  For the last 2 I had quilts made as well as carseat covers, etc.  Nada for this little girl.  I feel so bad!  I am hoping that once Hannah leaves I have time to make some cute things, but I won't have them for the baby shower.  I hope my daughter-in-law forgives me.

So with all of this stress I woke up the other day with abdominal pain again.  Last time it lasted for 4 months and several hundred dollars later I gave up seeing doctors and just went off sugar and it helped. So here I am again trying the no sugar thing.  You'd think I'd learn - buuuuut nooooo!  So I began an coconut oil cleanse last night, without thinking.  I was up all night and was still cleansing this morning. I took more coconut oil today (you take between 10 to 14 TBSP) throughout the day and now I am finally feeling like my gut is okay, but I have this massive headache.  I knew I would have that though, so I was prepared for it.   So now I am going to be strict and do the no sugar thing for a year!  Yep, I've committed with my oldest daughter to do this with her.  After a year I am going to try go incorporate a few grains as I think the Lord blessed us with them, we must need them somewhat.  So no more DR. Pepper, no more candy, no more rice and starches that turn to sugar in my body.  I think I'm really going to miss popcorn the most when we go to the movies.  I love that stuff, but it isn't good for me and I know it!  So here we go ~ I'm trying again!!  Wish me luck!!

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