April 15, 2011

Beautiful Posts of Others

I don't usually post the day after my last one, but today I read one of the most beautiful posts.  It made me really think about my health and the way I treat my body.   I thought it might help someone else like it helped me so you can read about it here.   This post really gave clarity to why we need to remember who we are and why we have a body.  It makes me want to take care of myself to be all that my Heavenly Father would have me be.  A BIG Thank You to Julie who was the author of this post.

April 14, 2011


Ok, it's time to get down to some serious committment.  Spring is just around the corner where I live, hopefully where you live too.  Last night we had a little snow and it will hopefully be the last until next year.  So it's now time to get serious about getting my life in a much more healthy place.  Not only mentally and spiritually, but also physically. 

This being physically fit is one thing I really have a hard time with.  I don't know why, I used to walk 4 miles a day with a friend and was always happy after we got home.  I think it's because I had time to talk with another woman and also just getting out in the open air.  However, since I got ill with celiac disease 3 years ago (oh wait, it's been 4) I haven't been as motivated.  It's not that the celiac effects me in anyway that would make it hard for me to do physical activities, I just lost my motivation and I need to find it again.  Sad thing is it's not like lost keys or change in the couch.  It takes a lot more committment to find it. 

So heres what I've decided.  You know that old adage "early to bed, early to rise", guess we're going to give that a try.  In the past people would have called me a morning person  but now that I don't have to get children up and out of the house it's easier to just lay in bed longer.  This definitely needs to change.  Don't you love the mornings, especially now when you can hear the meadow larks singing through the windows. 

A certain change that definitely needs to be made and that the sugar industry would try to stop is my SUGAR  addiction.  I know addiction is a hard word, but I really think I've become addicted.  I have cravings morning, noon and night!!  And after the goodies are consumed I don't generally feel as well.  So even though I know this will be a really hard change and that there are going to be days of headaches and tiredness to begin with, I have great hopes of feel better in the long run.  Not so sure about artificial sweetners as there are so many conflicting reports regarding them.  But for now the change will be with sugar! 

As for the physical activity.  I'm having a hard time still finding motivation.  When we moved there was no longer anyone to walk with.  And I'm not sure if it's my age or that I'm a little more reserved than I used to be, but it's been hard to find anyone to walk with here.  So even though it will be hard, I need to put on my sneakers and walk even if it's alone.  This may be okay as I think about it,  there might be time for some self contemplation and time to talk with my Heavenly Father.  This really could be a good thing,  I think I'm feel some motivation coming on.  This could also help with the mental and spiritual health as well.  I really think I'm feeling something here.....
I think I will begin with a walk this afternoon.  I think I found some motivation, now if I can just stay committed!

This is the beginning of a new journey and as it goes, I will let you know how things are and what happens .....

April 05, 2011


I've decided that I have the most boring life!!  My life used to be full of chasing kids, working, painting, reading, doing housework, school, friends, etc.  Now I do housework and sometimes read.  I love to read blogs and do that most days, but as far as a good book it's only now and then.

I've come to the conclusion that stay-at-home moms should be that while their children are small.  Now that mine are grown and gone, there's really no reason to be at home.  It's crazy.  I used to work all the time and I missed so much of my kids and what they were doing, and now that they're gone and grown I'm home and no one needs me.  I think I really got it backwards!!

I think I need to find a life.  The trouble is I just don't know what I want to do.  For so long my life was defined by my work and my family.  When we moved, I quit my job because of the commute and my kids got married and moved away - now no definition!!  It's a hard adjustment. 

So if you had the chance to do something - anything - what would you be or what would you do?