June 15, 2011

Service to Others

The last couple of weeks have been really crazy in our neck of the woods.  We've had 3 people die this past week and our ward has been done 2 of the funerals.  We had a salad social with about 30 sisters and tomorrow I am baking 12 dozen cookies for Father's day!  But as I came home from doing the luncheon for the funeral we had today, I couldn't help but feel like we've lifted the burden off of the family's shoulders and it makes me feel like I accomplished something great!  No, I didn't do it alone and have so many to Thank!!  We have wonderful people in our ward that are always so wonderful to donate food and help in the kitchen.   We had people even offer to help in the kitchen that hadn't been asked to do so. 

As I reflected on what has been done in our ward, I couldn't help but think that this is how our Heavenly Father wants us to be, serving others!  It helps us to get outside of ourselves and also helps us to make new friends and visit with old friends as we work together. 

Yes, it's been a bit hectic, but so well worth every minute!!!

June 10, 2011

Hardest Day on Diet (so far)!

Now that I'm on my Liver Detox Diet along with a diet to cleanse the Candida out of my system I am feeling like I have more energy.  I'm kind of shocked.  However, I must say that yesterday was my hardest day so far!  I was craving sugar so badly.  I hope that now I'm over that bump in the road that I can continue without anymore harsh cravings.  I was really good and didn't eat any sugar or anything with sugar in it, but I tell you I could have eaten a whole bag of tootsie rolls.  But the thing that kept me from doing it was that I knew that I would only be hurting myself.  I put some lime juice in water and drank that and it seemed to get me through.  I am looking forward to being healthier and it seems to be happening.  There will be more info to come.....

June 04, 2011


I went to an iridologist on Wednesday morning.  I must say it was a very interesting meeting.  This woman looked into my eyes with a magnifying glass and a bright light.  She told me many things about my health.  I had decided not to tell her any of my medical history to see what she would say.  She mentioned each of the problems I hadn't told her about.  I was amazed. 

So this week I am starting on a new road.  I am taking control of my health and will be making changes in the way I eat as well as things I do.  We talked about how I needed to dry brush my skin to get my lymphatic system working again.  She told me so many things that make sense when it comes to being healthier.  We talked about breathing the right way.  We talked about water intake and foods that are healthy and those that aren't. 

I thought she would want to sell me vitamins and herbs, and that she'd want me back in a month.  However, she didn't do any of that.  She told me what herbs and minerals will help me and that I needed to find what brands would make me feel the best.   She said that the people at the health food store would be able to help me do this.  She also suggested that I do a liver detox diet and repeat it 3 times.  That means I will be eating a very strigent diet for 6 months as it is an 8 week cycle.  Then I am to drop to a maintenance type diet with minerals and herbs for another 5 months.  Then after that if I need so see her, she said, "come back".  She was so knowledgable about how the body works and what would help.   To her, none of it was about the money or selling me something.  I felt like she truly cared about me and what would help me become healthier.  

I know some people don't believe in these types of things.  I however believe that there are many natural ways to make our bodies feel better.  I want to try and get my life more balanced, physically, mentally and spiritually.  I believe that this is a step in that direction. 

I am excited and scared all at the same time.  I hope this works and will let you know as time goes on...