November 13, 2010

Trees Beautiful Trees

So last week we went out and got 25 trees for our yard.  I thought there wasn't going to be enough room to put them.  How wrong I was.  I have a hard time remembering that our yard is as big as it is.  Anyway, we have had them in the yard tied together so they wouldn't blow down until we could get them in the ground.  I've also been afraid that they would freeze, since it gets a bit colder up here than down in South Weber where we came from.  I really hadn't planned on planting them today, but a man from down the street came over with his backhoe and dug all of our holes for us and we got all but 7 in the ground this evening.  It was a bit exhausting, but well worth the trouble.  I'm so excited as to what they will be this summer and when they get bigger.  Our yard will be beautiful. 

So today I am grateful for the beauty of trees and that I'm able to have it so close at hand.

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