November 08, 2010


So this weekend I've had much time to reflect on my life and where it's going and what I really want to be doing.  To start things off, I had a math test on Friday.  I had studied like no other to do well on this test.  It hasn't been confirmed, but I have a feeling that I really bombed this test.  It was like one of those times when you know you know something, but all you can pull from your mind is a total blank.  Anyway it was a bust!

Then on Saturday, we spend alot of time with our kids.  I totally love that.  And I realized that since school began, all of my sparetime (is there really such a thing) has been spent studying.  I leave school and study on those nights and then all the next day.  Then I go back to school and study again that night and the next day.  I usually do take time on Saturdays and Sundays to be with family, but then I'm studying again on Monday.  I ask myself, "why am I doing this and is it really getting me anywhere?"  I've decided that this will be it for the schooling.  I would much rather work a part-time job and be able to leave it when I'm done and spend my spare time with family rather than on studying.  Family time is so much more important to me.  I think had I done this when I was younger or before I had children and Sam it would have been different, but being the age I am my priorities have definitely changed.  So, once again, I will be beating the streets and looking for something part-time to just make a few extra bucks for those times we want something fun and leave the schooling for the younger ones. 

Life is a constant re-evaluation and change.  I think this is something that I am very grateful for.  It's nice that there are opportunities to think about what we are doing and change direction if it isn't what is best for us!  I'm grateful to a loving Heavenly Father that allows us to have these opportunities.


Chris and Maddi said...

Why did you change your blog?

Chris and Maddi said...

;) ps, the delightful dots logo is covering my face... Just thought I'd point that out...