November 14, 2010

Spiritual Blessings

So I realized that most of, if not all of my latest posts have been about the temporal things in my life.  Today while enjoying the warmth of good friends in RS I decided that I needed to also post about the Spiritual things that I am grateful for.  I have been blessed and would be very ungrateful if I didn't. 

I was contemplating the many things I have been blessed with, and decided that there are so many that I can't list them all.  The most important thing I am so grateful for is the relationship I have with my Savior.  I know he loves me and I have felt his arms around me during the most trying times of my life.  His comforter has been a constant companion at times.  Because of this, I truly know he really knows my heart and cares about me and my life.  That he really did give his life so that we could return to our Heavenly Father someday.  I love Him and hope I can always be worthy of this blessing.  For this I am forever grateful!

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