November 18, 2010

Safety in Driving

As many of you know, I travel quite a ways to go to school twice a week.  Well, today on my way home I passed a car that had wrecked.  It had totally rolled and the whole thing was really smashed up.  I quickly became grateful for the safety that I have in my travels each day.  I felt bad for whomever had been in that car and said a quick prayer that they were okay.  But it really made me reflect on how I am so blessed every time I have to go somewhere, and from where we live it's always quite a drive.   So today I am grateful for the blessing I've had of being safe while driving!

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Nikki said...

When Justin and I were first married we were at a stop light, 2nd car from the front. We heard this horrible screeching sound and looked up to see a truck spinning through the air and hit the hood of the car in front of us.

The driver and passengers were airlifted after being cut out of the truck, the vehicle they hit in the intersection was carrying 4 elderly people, who were taken by ambulance, and the young woman in the car in front of us was luckily unharmed. She was in a big "boat" type car so the damage was all to the front end.

The car we were driving that day was a Ford Focus hatchback. Had we been 1 car ahead of where we were, who knows how badly we could have been hurt.

I was worried for all involved and we said quick prayers for them, but we were also so thankful and feeling so blessed that we weren't involved.