November 07, 2010


I missed again yesterday, but I totally have a great excuse.  We went with our children, of which I am very grateful for, to take family pictures.  It was so much fun and our photographer was totally great.  She really did a good job.  I would recommend her to everyone.  It was Julie Hess.  She is great and get's booked pretty quick, so calendar with her early.  She was able to catch the personality of our family totally.  The boys had a good time goofing off and us girls had a good time watching.  It was a super fun day.  I always love spending time with our family!

Today I am grateful for the wonderful fall weather that we have been experiencing.  I know there is a change coming and will be sad to see the warmth go.  But, when the snow flys I'll be glad for that beauty also.  We were able to go and get trees for our yard yesterday.  Hopefully the weather will become a little warmer later this week and we'll get them planted.  That will give me more things to be grateful for, a yard!!  It's slowly coming together and will be beautiful. 

I am grateful!!

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