November 17, 2010

Little Old Ladies

Today I am doing more homework and so must do a quick post.  I have totally had a wonderful day though.  We held a RS Meeting at a local assisted living home today.  Let me tell you, those ladies are so totally awesome.  They sang and participated and had a wonderful time.  Our musical number sang songs from years ago.  The songs that these sweet little ladies all knew and loved singing along with.  There was such a wonderful spirit there.  I felt totally blessed to be a part of this sweet experience.  I really appreciated all of those that took part and made it a great morning with these little women.  Not even one of them fell asleep today!  They are so cute.  Last week we had one that snored all the way through our meeting.  Guess we hit it right today!  Thanks to all of those sweet little ladies that made my day!!  I was totally blessed by them!

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