May 14, 2011

Last Minute Details

Today began as a normal Saturday, doing odds and ends and running errands.  Then my youngest daughter who had been asked to the last dance of the school year decided that she didn't have shoes that would match her dress. 

Original shoes

My husband and I had errands in Ogden all day and so I just didn't know how we were going to find new shoes in time.  Then I had an idea - why not refurbish her old shoes that were comfortable and wouldn't give her blisters.  So while I was in Ogden, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some ribbon and this is what I did:
I took her original shoes and cut the bow off of the front.  Then I took the ribbon and gathered 4 sections.  I needed 2 for each shoe.

Then I hot glued these onto the shoes.  I folded the gathered pieces to find the center and then I began in the middle and glued each piece moving to the outside.  I did the top piece first and then added the second piece underneath it.  That way I was able to see how much ribbon would show beneath the top one.

 Then I added a bow that was made of black ribbon with pink polkadots to finish off the look.

They turned out to be just right for this dance and especially for a last minute fix!

Hannah and her date JJ! 
She looked beautiful in her dress and the shoes matched perfectly!!


Ivey League Mama said...

Brilliant and adorable!

Parker and Jamie said...

Cute idea, they turned out great!