May 21, 2011


This has been a busy week.  And I've enjoyed it.  One thing I found out this week was how grateful I am for good friends (good girl friends!). 

A few years ago, I had a friendship that went south.  I can't blame the other person totally as I know it takes 2 to make a relationship work.  But since that time, I've been very cautious as to who I talk to about my personal life and what I'm going through.  I guess you could say I've become a more private person, but I've also not been the happy person that I used to be.  I used to be totally outgoing and was friends with everyone.  I've been very scared to do that again, because my heart was so hurt last time. 

Well, this past week I had some disappointments in my life.  They weren't earth shaking or devestating, but they were disappointments none the less and I was pretty stressed out about them.  I went to bed on Tuesday night with a headache, (I never have headaches).  When I woke up on Wednesday, I could barely open my eyes my headache was so bad.  I hated it.  I didn't want to move.  Well, I finally pulled myself out of bed and got going for the day, but the pain persisted.  Late in the afternoon, I received a phonecall from a recent friend.  She told me that I had been on her mind and she wanted to check on me to make sure I was ok.  What a blessing.  I broke down and told her what had been going on this week.  She was there for me.  She knew what I needed to hear and let me vent.  She didn't judge, she didn't think I was totally off the wall, she loved me for who I am.  It helped to have someone to talk things over with and to feel safe in doing so.  I've missed having a friend to talk to and I really have needed a good girlfriend in my life.

I hope that I can be a friend like this friend has been to me.  She was a great example of a Christ-like friend showing Christ-like love.   My life has been blessed because of her. 

Next day, things were back to normal and I was back at life.  Thanks to the stress relief of her friendship!!  I am blessed!!

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sk2girl828 said...

Jil, you have and are that kind of friend to me. As I have faced challenges, you have always been there to support and cheer me on.

I am grateful for you, my good friend.