May 31, 2011

Gray or no Gray, That is the Question!

So my younger sister came into town last Saturday and we've spent some time together!  This sister has decided to let her hair grow out and no longer color it.  She looks so cute with it natural.  I on the other hand have been coloring my hair every 2 weeks for the past who knows how long and now I am questioning if I should let mine go and just get it over with and go aunatural. 

A little history.  My paternal grandmother colored her hair until she died.  I didn't even know she had gray hair until I was sixteen and saw her hair once when it had grown out.  It was a very rare event as she always kept it colored and in very nice condition.  She always dyed her hair a dark brown.  More recent, my own mother has colored her hair since I was very young.  She is almost 70 and is still blonde.  So I really come by coloring honestly. 

My husband gets tired of me coloring and has asked me on various occasions to just let it go.  I've just always felt that being as young as I am that gray hair would make me seem older and I didn't want to seem older than I am or than I felt. 

So today I made the leap.  I went to my hair stylist and she is helping me transition.  We colored my hair back to my natural color and she did a lighter color weaving through my hair.  She will continue to do the light weaving until my gray and the weaving blend and then I'll just let it finish growing out.  I told her that there might be times that I panic and call her, but she laughed and said she will talk me out of coloring it so that I can go to my natural color.  I'm excited and a little scared.  Yet I feel it will be a bit more freeing not having to pretend that I'm something I'm not.  However if things get out of hand and I can't handle it I will let you all know!!

So how do you feel about hair color??

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Ivey League Mama said...

I love naturally gray hair. I think it's timeless and classy.