December 16, 2011

Mindy Gledhill and my Sweetheart an evening to remember!

So all this last week my husband has been planning and scheming.  He wouldn't tell me what we were doing or where we were going.  He just told me that Thursday night was our date night and to be prepared to leave at 4:00 p.m.  Well, I was set and ready to go when he got here from work.

We headed north up into Idaho, (which isn't really very far from our home), but I was totally shocked because we usually head to Salt Lake or Ogden.  So he told me that we were headed to Pocatello.  That's only an hour from where we live and I've really never been there and so my adventure began.

Sam took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  That's one place I can eat gluten-free and that my sweetheart enjoys.  It was fun and gave us time to wind down and talk.  After dinner, he told me that we needed to go to Idaho State University.  The campus is located in South Pocatello.  I could not for the life of me guess where we were going.  I had made several guesses, but they were all wrong.  So when we walked into the Jensen Proformance Hall on campus, (which by the way is beautiful) I saw the sign pointing to the Mindy Gledhill concert with the Teton Orchestra and I was elated!!  I can't tell you how excited I was.  And then to top it all off, Sam had gotten tickets for 3rd row seats right in the middle.  I felt like I could have reached out and touched Mindy!  I've loved her music for a long time and couldn't wait for the concert to begin!!

Mindy came out in her famous red dress that was refurbished and you can read about that here.  I couldn't believe it.  I'd read about her dress and was so excited to see it in real life.  Sometimes it seems like the things we read about online are just that online and not real.  But here she was in real life.  And she looked so cute! 

She sang several of her new Chrismas songs off her new album Wintermoon.  I love that CD.  I've listened to it over and over.  I don't tell my husband how often I listen to her music, because her already thinks I'm crazy. 

I love that she talked about the songs she sang and the people behind them.  She told how she'd been writing "It's all about your heart" when she heard about Stephanie Nielson of the Nienie dialogs and her accident.  Being friends with Stephanie made it easy for Mindy to finish this song.  When she started to sing it, I got teary eyed. 

Mindy sings a song that one of my dear friends played while her son was in the hospital battling cancer and when she sang it - again I got tears in my eyes.  Her songs touch a cord with me.  They hold a place in my heart because I listen to them so often that I relate them to times in my life that have special meaning.  I know this sounds stupid but I felt like one of those screaming, crying teenagers you see in videos when the beatles used to come out of a building!  I didn't cry or scream, but I don't usually get emotional when I see someone I like perform and it was a strange sensation.  It was a fun, enjoyable night! 

The Teton orchestra did an amazing job playing for Mindy.  They sounded beautiful and added to the great sounds of the evening.  Her band members were cute too.  They had all dressed in retro outfits and they were good at what they did. 

Some things I found out at the concert  - Mindy is married and has 3 little boys.  I didn't know this and had always secretly harbored the fantasy that she would someday meet my son that is single and marry him! (Well that dream is dashed for two reasons - (1) Mindy is married and (2) my son just got engaged to a beautiful girl from Arizona)  I couldn't be happier on both accounts!  Life always seems to workout how it should.  I also found out that Mindy is older than I always supposed she was.  I thought she was this young teenage girl - thus the above fantasy.  However, I think she's in her late 20's, but to her credit she is so vivacious that she still seems young and carefree!!

Now to end this post, because I think it's the longest one I've ever written, I must state that I was with the most amazing companion on earth!!  I am so grateful for a loving husband that would make secret plans to do something that I would so totally love doing, even though it wasn't his thing.  Though he did enjoy it too, he was willing to do that for me!  I fell even further in love (if that's even possible) with him for his thoughtfulness and caring!  I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband!!  I Love him dearly!!  It was a beautiful and thoughtful early Christmas present for me!!

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Sell...Party Of 4 said...

oh what a fabulous night of fun, and how thoughtful of your husband. major brownie points for him.