October 03, 2011

Simple Pleasures

So this is how I love spending some of my Fall days.  Today was a wonderful day.  I felt like I accomplished alot.  At the time of this post my last batch of peaches was in the water bath.  I canned a bushel and a half, that makes a total of 42 quarts and 5 pints (I ran out of quart bottles).  They looked so beautiful and colorful sitting on my cupboard cooling.   I will give some of them to my children and keep the rest.  I like eating peaches and toast on Sunday evenings.  It is one of my favorite things.  It's simple, but that's how I like things.  There's also a cricket somewhere behind those bottles.  He snuck in with the peaches, but that didn't even seem to throw me.  He's nice and cozy warm amongst those bottles tonight.  I hope he enjoys his Fall day, because tomorrow I'll have to vacuum him up.   I love these simple pleasures.

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