September 07, 2011

Simple Truths

Today I read something that made sense to me!  You can also read it "here".  You know when you read a simple truth and it just makes sense.  It touches you heart and it becomes a part of you.  That is how I felt when I read this daily thought.  I've been in turmoil lately with some things going on in my family and this small thought spoke to my spirit.  As I read it I felt a peace come over me that hadn't been mine for a time.  I am grateful that I found this small bit of inspiration.  I hope it helps someone else out there and gives them the peace I was able to attain today!


kristanne said...

So true. How we often get caught up in the ought tos instead of what we need. Thanks for the thought.

It all began here said...

I love this site. Great post.

Hope you are well.