August 07, 2011

A Day of Reflection

This week has been a blessed week.  I've had the chance of passing my test so that i can begin work.  I was able to see all of my children but the one that lives in AZ (and I talked to him several times on the phone).  I got to hold my granddaughter and tell her how much I love her.  I was able to sew and be a bit creative.  I've been able to take time a read a book.  I was blessed to go on a date with my husband to the Temple on Saturday morning.  We were able to visit my in-laws.  I visited my parents.  I ate pizza (which for a celiac isn't very often) it was gluten-free.  I had time to visit with neighbors and friends and as I thought on all of these things that I was able to do, I feel blessed.  I've loved this week!


It all began here said...

love this post. How great it is to recognize the small things in life that bring us so much love and joy. You have a beautiful life.

So happy for you.

Here's to more pizza!

Chris and Maddi said...

Sounds like a good week! Thanks for coming over and helping with L!!

Kristanne said...

Jil, I have missed reading - I lost your link. Maddi sent it to me. Love the post. We do need to take time to be thankful. We have so much, even in difficult times. I have realized that over the past little while, I need to be better at expressing it though. Thanks for your friendship.

Ivey League Mama said...

That does sound blessed and wonderful! (And I love that picture!)