July 21, 2011

Get Away

We visited Cedar Breaks National Monument while we were away.  I don't remember ever visitng there before and enjoyed the picturesque beauty that surrounded us there.  In St. George the temperature was close to 100 degrees and when we got to Cedar Breaks it was 65.   
We didn't have time to hike much as we needed to return to Cedar City for the Shakespearian plays that we had tickets for. 
There were wild flowers everywhere and I totally loved seeing them.  I think it's usually like this in early June, but with all of the water we got in Utah this year we were able to see them this far into July! 
I don't know the name of this one, but they were everywhere and so pretty!
Then there were all of the yellow meadows!  I really liked them too!

We weren't able to take pictures of the plays that we saw in Cedar City.   We saw Richard the III on Tuesday night.  On Wednesday we saw A Mid-Summer's Night Dream and Romeo and Juliette.  The actor's did an incredible job in all of the plays.  I think my favorite was A Mid-Summer's Night Dream.  The actor's were totally hilarious and it made for a really fun time!  I had a fabulous time and spent it all with my best friend (my husband)!  We always seem to be able to have a good time together.  Thanks Sweetheart for all that you do for me!  I Love you Dearly!!

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