July 18, 2011

Friendship and Bookclubs

I'm sneaking a post in before I leave on a short trip.  I hadn't planned on posting until I returned, but I just had to get this one in.  

In our area we have some ladies that have decided to get together once a month and read a book.  It was my turn and we read the Hour Glass Door by Lisa Mangum.  I chose this book because it was one of my daughters favorites and to tell you the truth I really enjoyed it too (enough so that I bought the other 2 books in the series just to see how it ended.)  It is a fun read and we had Italian Ice as a treat to celebrate the nationality of one of the main characters.   

Even more than the books, I'm getting to know these other ladies in the book club and I am having a ball.  They are so thoughtful and sweet.  We can chat and tell why we liked a book or disagree and not like a book, but the friendship is there and that is what it is all about for me.  I love when we can sit and laugh and just visit and deepen these relationships.  I haven't always had  opportunities like this, so while I have this chance I'm grabbing on with both hands and enjoying it for all it is worth.  The books are just the icing on the top of my cake and I'm loving this wonderful, rich cake that I am able to partake of at this moment in my life!

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