March 07, 2011


I'm so glad last week is over.  I had to teach the RS lesson and I have to admit that I did procrastinate.  The lesson subject was one that I have a hard time with and so I guess I thought that if I put it off long enough that it might go away.  Not so.  In fact, I've learned a very valuable lesson.  It just made it harder.  I should have faced up to it and had it done early.  That way, I could have had more time to study and perhaps improved myself more.

My lesson was on gaining strength by following the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  As I stated in my lesson, I have a hard time sometimes when it's a still, small voice.  I really need it to slap me or shake me and yell directly in my face to get me to listen.  But I am trying to be better.  I feel like I especially need it in my calling as the RS President.  The 3 points I tried to make were from Elder Bednar's conference talk in 2010.  Elder Bednar said that to have the Holy Spirit we must, 1) Sincerely Desire to have the spirit's companionship.  This isn't hard for me.  I desire it often.  Then 2) we must Appropriately Invite the Spirit to be with us.  I think this is where I sometimes fail.  I forget to invite him to be with me as I get so distracted in my daily routine.  I must remember to invite him with prayer.  And lastly 3) we must obey the commandments.  I think I do okay in this department, but there is always room for improvement in my life.

I'm glad my lesson is over, but I need to now start preparing for my next lesson.  Although I do have a few months and that's good.  I just have to remember not to wait too long!!!

On a not related note, we got word from the UofU that I now have to be approved for the transfusion of my father's blood by a new department.  Who knows when that will happen, but I still have hope and it's only been six months that we've been working to get this done.  But if it works for me (that my Celiac can be healed) it will open many doors for others.  So I can't complain the wait will be well worth it if we can get it approved!

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