February 22, 2011


So today was the day we needed to find a dress for Prom.  Hannah was asked last Friday.  Her Prom is on March 12.  We went yesterday to a shop in Logan and it was a very nice shop, but very expensive.  I wanted her to have something nice, without going bankrupt.  Well, today we went to a different shop.  These are the two dresses she liked (sorry the pictures aren't very good.  They were taken from my phone).  We decided on the blue one as it was $100 dollars less than the red one and we also found out that someone from her school had already bought the red one. 
I think she looks great in both dresses, but with someone else already having bought the red one it made it easier to get the blue one.  She is so excited to go and I think she will have alot of fun with the group she is going with.  I'll write more when the big event happens.

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Laci, Jonn and Kaden said...

Oh Hannah looks so beautiful! She is such a young woman now!! I remember her as a cute little girl running around! Picking out prom dresses is the best!!! That was one of my favorite parts of high school! Cant wait to here about prom!!