January 26, 2011

27 Years Ago!

 My name changed and a new story began 27 years ago today.  I remember my husband (my fiance at the time) and his parents picking me up at my home early in the morning.  They were driving us to the Logan Temple.  We were meeting my parents there where we would be married. 

 It had been foggy for 3 weeks
and there was a beautiful frost that covered everything. Though at that time of the morning I hadn't seen that.  I didn't take my veil or my bouquet, because there had been fog and I didn't think we would be taking any pictures, so why haul it all the way to Logan, just to haul it  all back to Ogden - right?. 

Well, we arrived at the Temple and it was a beautiful sight.  There was snow and the lights were shining off of it all.  Truly gorgeous!  I was the only bride that day and was treated like a Queen. 

As we came out of the Temple there was Sunshine everywhere!  Not a speck of fog!  So a friend took some snapshots of me and our family.  I was all dressed in white with gray shoes peeking out.  No flowers or  wedding veil.  But it was a beautiful day!

That was the beginning of our story - unexpected, surprising, and beautiful!  It has continued and we have had so much happen in our years together.  I look forward to many more beautiful events and many more surprises!  I love my Sam and am grateful that we have become best friends!  We have had to learn so much and at times it hasn't been easy, but we have truly been blessed and have worked together to make this story happen!  I think it will be a fun read someday for our posterity!  Thanks Sam for the beautiful life we have!

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Parker and Jamie said...

Congrats on 27 years!! You guys have made quite the story. You have raised 4 beautiful children, about to embark on the grandparents journey, and you have been successful in all that you do. Two of the most giving people and so your story must go on!!! THanks for being so great.. Enjoy the day!