November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

It's been awhile since I posted last.  I've been trying new things and staying busy.  It seems like on the days I don't plan to have anything to do, I have plenty and on the days I have plans, everything falls through.  So I've decided to just take it a day at a time. 

One of the new things I've been trying for the past 6 weeks is eating a Paleo diet.  I've read a lot about people with Celiac Disease and some studying.  One of the things that I've learned is that even though a person with CD may go off gluten for years, they still don't heal their guts.  So in an attempt to begin the healing, due to some of the research and reading, I decided to go off all dairy, all grain, all sugar that isn't natural, and all oils that aren't natural.  And during the past weeks I have begun to feel better.  My head is much clearer.  I can tell when I get something that I shouldn't.  One day I got some sugar and let me tell you - it wasn't pretty.  I was in tears all the next day.  I haven't had mood swings like this since I had my first child and went through post partum.  It is crazy.  There are days that I still go out with my husband and enjoy a normal gluten-free meal, but I am trying really hard to eat so much healthier.  A typical gluten-free diet, and this I know from experience, is filled with more sugar and starches than a normal healthy person's diet.  It's because of the flours and also companies trying to make things taste better.  And don't we all know that sugar makes everything taste better.  So I've been going through withdrawals.  I have lost 12 pounds and plan on continuing to eat better, but I will also add in exercise to get even healthier.  This is a new lifestyle for me.  And my sweet husband is willing to eat what I cook to support me.  I am one lucky girl!

My children all came up for Thanksgiving and they were all great sports about it.  My daughter brought rolls so I didn't have to have gluten around.  Each daughter brough pies, and I made some Paleo pies (which I must admit the crust I didn't like), the filling was wonderful.  Everything else was pretty much healthy.  I did eat potatoes, but I figure once a year is ok.  It was so wonderful to have everyone hear together.  I just wanted to sit and absorb each and every moment with them. 

I will probably have to do a detox in a month, but it won't be nearly as bad as the first few weeks were, because I plan on not partaking  of sugary sweets.  It was funny I even made it through Halloween without eating any sugar.  It was crazy, but I didn't have any cravings for it.  So if I continue to do this I feel like I should be ok and the first of the year should be a lot easier. 

I will continue to post, though I promise that it won't all be about Paleo, but I might mention it now and then.  I hope all of those who read this had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.


Kristanne Willden said...

We have a couple of friends here that do the paleo diet. They eat mostly meat though. Interestingly we have two others, one vegetarian and one vegan. Learning lots about them all. I feel blessed to be able to eat whatever I want. I hope this helps you to feel better. I am so sorry you have to suffer with this. Hopefully this will help and you will feel good again. Tell everyone in your family hi!!!

Angela said...

I am really interested to see your progress. I have a girlfriend who is in terrific health who has followed this.
I need to make some serious changes but the more I try the worse I do. :) Have you read Eat to Live by Dr. Furhman and The China Study. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. Best of luck...I am jealous that you have made it through the worst...the first couple of weeks.

PS My parents were here for the holidays so fun!