November 04, 2012

Family Home Evening Sunday at Our House

Today is my turn to have Family Home Evening at our home.  Our family and extended family on my side do this once a month.  Once in a while we miss it, but we try to get together to continue to be close to one another.  As I've been thinking on what subject I should teach, because we have a short lesson at these gatherings, I keep coming back to the subject of Service to Others. 

I've had some great opportunities this past week that will continue this week for service in our area.  It has been a blessing in my life.  I have become closer to people that I never had the chance of getting to know before this. 

A week or so ago, I was giving the announcements in our Relief Society meeting at church and I felt like I needed to encourage each sister to seek out and find service opportunities to do over the next few months.  Strangly enough that weeks lesson in Relief Society was on Service and how our Heavenly Father wants us to serve one another and that by doing this we can have His Spirit dwell closer with us.  I can say that I've had this blessing this week and I really want it to continue because it has been such a wonderful feeling.

I think at this time of year when we focus on Gratitude and all that we are given, we also need to focus more diligently on how we can bless the lives of those we come in to contact with.  I feel so blessed, that it seems I would truly be selfish and ungrateful not to help those that don't have as much or relieve the suffering of those that are in need.  I think it's wonderful to count our blessings, but I also feel there is so much more to Gratitude that just stating what we are grateful for.  I hope and pray that I can become an instrument in Heavenly Father's hands to do his work and serve my fellowman while I have the chance and the abillity. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Season this year and that we will all take the opportunity to bless the life of someone we know, or don't know so that we can feel more fully of our Heavenly Father's blessings in our lives.

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