December 11, 2012

Christmas Project of the Day

Today I made myself set down and finally get a project done.  I've been really enjoying this Christmas season.  I haven't really done anything much, I've just enjoyed it all.  So now we are at crunch time and here is what I accomplished today.  I listened to Christmas music and just enjoyed the Spirit of it all while I had fun and relaxed making these cute Aprons.  I'm an apron fanatic.  When I find a pattern I like, I just have to make it.  And these didn't even take a pattern.  So simple and fun!!

(Please pardon the fact that they are tied to one of my bar stools.  I couldn't find anyone to model them.)  I made for my Relief Society Presidency.   I got the idea from (where else) Pinterest.  Here is the Link that will take you to the website where I found them.  I think I will make a few more before Christmas.  I also think they will make a fun auction item for our Family Reunion this summer.

So tomorrow I guess I'm off to begin my shopping.  I am dreading this part and would much rather stay home and make fun projects.  I think my next fun item to make for friends is another idea from Pinterest.  They are these cute necklaces.  I will post pictures when they are done.

This the Season. . . .

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