September 04, 2012

Chances to Serve

I got up this morning bright and early.  I was so excited.  It was my second chance to serve at the Brigham City Temple Open House.  I had to be there by 6:30 and it is a half hour away.  I took my friend Suzanne.  We went to the Tabernacle and sat waiting for our instructions.  They asked my friend and I to drive over to the Autoliv Building there in town so that we could work in the parking area there.  Neither of us minded this.  In fact, we were both excited just to be able to serve.  As luck would have it, I think we had the best jobs ever.

Suzanne would check and see if those showing up had their reservations.  I loaded the buses with people.  I got to talk to so many people.  They were from all over, just coming to see the Temple.  There were older folks, some I worried about because they were so feeble.  There were little children and there were children that their families had kept them out of school so that they could have this experience as a family.  We sang "Happy Birthday" to a little boy named Will.  It was his fifth birthday and hopefully that made it a little more memorable.  I just had a really good time being there and having fun with the people. 

I've decided that you can make the most of the opportunities you are given or you can be miserable.  Today I hope I made the most out of it.  I know I sure had a great time!!  I always feel better when I'm serving others!

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It all began here said...

Jil, you are such a good example to everyone. Making the most of each opportunity makes enjoying the journey actually enjoyable!

love and Miss you~