October 01, 2012

South Carolina ~

Sam had the opportunity of taking classes for his PE in South Carolina - Charleston to be specific, so I decided to tag along.  I've never been to the Carolina's so it was a real treat for me.  The weather in Utah has been on the cool side and so I was looking forward to this trip to extend my Summer a bit.  Holy cow, I didn't realize that it was so warm there.  However, I totally absorbed every bit of it that I could because I know all too soon it will be in the 20's here and I will be missing the warmth of the Summer sun.

We arrived in Charleston on Sunday, Sept. 23.  We stayed in an older hotel called the Francis Marion Hotel.  It was on the edge of the main drag called "King Street" there in Charleston.  I loved it.  It added to the atmosphere.  The elevators were slow, but it had an old-time elegance about it.  Here is a picture of our room.

We had a whole kitchen in our room.  It was nice since I took protien for my breakfasts there.  Having Celiac I usually do this just in case there aren't places to get breakfast.  It helps on saving money too.  Sam ate at the conference he was at so I just took my time in the mornings and had my protien.
I went on a walking tour of the City a couple days on my own while Sam was in his classes.  I loved all of the old buildings and architecture there.  I took tons of pictures of doors, windows and gates there.  It was a real treat!
Here are a couple of the one's that I liked the most.

We took a tour of a couple of the plantations there.  I loved those.  I couldn't imagine what it would have been like living on one in the early days, let alone now.  They were beautiful.  I'm glad the south wasn't able to succeed from the Union.  Imagine not having the South as part of our history.  We would really be missing out.

 These picture are from the Boone Hall plantation and the Middleton Plantation.  We ran out of time and were not able to get to the Magnolia Plantation.  I hope to go back someday and see this one.

This was Boone Hall.  The owners sometimes still come and stay in the upstairs of this plantation home.

These were part of the gardens at the Middleton Plantation.  We even saw aligators sunning themselves next to the ponds there.  It was stunning to see such beautiful gardens in this day and age.
We were able to go to Patriot's point and tour the Carrier, Destroyer and Submarine.  This was the guy day (when we did whatever Sam wanted).  It was fun, but oh so hot that day!  It was in the high 80's and the humidity was killer.  However, we both totally enjoyed our time together.  Here are some pics I took while there.
These were the marshes that were at Patriot's point.  I loved the bridge in the background.
 This was the Aircraft carrier that we toured.  It made me so grateful to the men and women that are fighting for our freedom.  They sacrafice so much so that I can enjoy my time here in this beautiful country!
This was Sam in front of a cannon there at Patriot's point.  He was such a good sport letting me take pictures of him. 
It was a wonderful trip and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the South.  The people there were gracious and very hospitiable.  I really loved their accents too!

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