August 26, 2012

Brigham City Temple

Even with the crazy events of this past week and moving my youngest daughter out, I had the opportunity to serve at the Brigham City Temple Open House.  We live in the area that is assigned to attend this Temple, therefore we had this wonderful opportunity opened up to us.  My youngest daughter also has had this opportunity.   What a choice experience it has been.  My husband and I served on the grounds this time.  We will be able to serve 2 more times also, but they will be in different places.  I think one is helping with the parking and the other will be inside this beautiful House of the Lord. 

On Friday evening when I was there, I was at the fountain in front of the Temple where people came out after having been able to tour the Temple.  I took pictures of single people, children, and families in front of the Temple and the fountain there. It was great that people wanted photos to remember what they felt and of time spent together. (I'm a people watcher anyway) But it was so interesting seeing how the Spirit of our Heavenly touched different people.  Some came out and you could tell that their hearts were full; that they had had a wonderful moving experience, while others let their children run unsupervised.  Most hung around for a bit feeling the sweetness there and conversing one with another.  I love being on the grounds and feeling the Spirit of the Temple.  Even though it has not been dedicated yet there is still a presence there.

Our family will have the opportunity to go together on a tour of the inside on Sept 12, and I can't wait.  I will write more then and let you know how it was.  But for now I will enjoy the opportunity to serve and enjoy the people that come and go. 

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