July 22, 2012


This has been a very different summer.  Having all of our children now pretty much grown and adults has left me with the opportunity of making changes and new decisions. 

Hannah has been busy with a new job.  She is getting ready for college and so my time has been my own.

I have had grandma time with my little granddaughter and I've been able to spend time with my oldest daughter Maddi.  They came and lived with us for a week while Maddi's husband was a scout camp.  We all had a really fun time.  Little "L" is growing so much.  She is now walking and trying out new words. 
She really is learning to love books and loves to have them read to her.  I cherish this time with her.

Then Hannah's new employment changed her starting date from July 2 to July 17.  That gave us a week to spend together that we hadn't planned on so we spur-of-the-moment took a family trip.  We also told Hannah that this could count for a Graduation trip.  We had a ball together.  We went to Seattle, Washington.  We had never been there and wanted to see what was there. 

This was taken from the top of the Space Needle.  I know that is a tourist thing to do, but hey, we were tourists.  

The next day we were able to go to Port Townsend and went whale watching.  It was wonderful.  We went up to the San Juan Islands and spent the afternoon in Friday Harbor.  It was an incredibly beautiful island.  We also did see whales.

We also hiked to Lena Lake.  It's a lake that is not accessible by car and it was truly beautiful.  The hike was 3 miles up and 3 miles down.  I didn't think I would make it, but was really proud of myself for making the climb. 

These pictures were taken with my Iphone, so they aren't spectacular, but hey they are memories of our trip and I'm glad I have them. 

We made it home safely and are all back to our daily routine.  Now that I have some extra time, I am training to do more Loan  Originating on Mortgages.  I've been processing, but want to continue to grow in this industry.  So things are busy but I am enjoying this summer. 

We are also expecting our 2nd grand child this fall and I am getting so excited for that.  We are blessed!


Kristanne Willden said...

We were up that way about the same time. IT is such beautiful country. God certainly did bless with such beautiful scenery.

How fun to spend time with Maddi and little L. She is precious. I sitll don't know if I am looking forward to more "Me" time or not. Being in the midst of stuff I think it sounds wonderful but then get worried I might miss the mess. Only time will tell.

I miss you and my Utah friends. Been making some good ones here , and feel better about it, but it is such a change. Hard to do.

You have always been such an example to me and are such a trooper. WIlling to try all things new and uplifting. I need to follow your example a bit more! Thanks.

It all began here said...

Jil, another grandbaby? When and who are the lucky parents?

Glad to see you are enjoying your summer.

sure love and apprecaite your/our friendship