December 03, 2010


I can't believe it.  Fall is gone and winter is here.  December has already turned out to be crazy.  I usually put Christmas decorations up the day after or at least by the weekend after Thanksgiving, but not this year!  I wanted to do it today, but am finishing up studies for Psychology.  I will be taking my final tomorrow.  But my dear sweet husband said he would help me get things up tonight!  He is so wonderful.  I couldn't ask for a better husband.  He's been so willing to help since I started school.  And at this rate if I don't get it up tonight it won't go up until 2 weeks before Christmas.  And at that point I know I'd say, only 2 weeks, what's the point?  So it's tonight and I'm glad.

Once I finish school, I will begin my Dream Job. And I really do mean my Dream Job.  I have always, since I was little wanted to be like my friend Blanch Gibby and work in or own my own floral shop.  Well, on December 13th I will begin working at Bowcut Floral in Tremonton.  I will be working for a sweet lady named Suzanne Pierson.  She is so sweet and it will be fun getting to know her and the other girls and making some new friends. 

So I guess here we go another new adventure..... I'll keep you posted on how it goes!


Angela said...

Oh my gosh this is so awesome! I had to jump over here from Facebook after you posted the dream job I loved the Gibby floral show! Sounds vintage now! Love the blog!

Teresa Patterson said...

Ahhh Bowcutt's Floral. They are the bomb! Christmas just wasn't Christmas without Bowcutt's.

Live the (YOUR) dream!!


Kristanne said...

I love flower arranging. And I love flowers. What a neat job. How exciting for you!!