April 05, 2011


I've decided that I have the most boring life!!  My life used to be full of chasing kids, working, painting, reading, doing housework, school, friends, etc.  Now I do housework and sometimes read.  I love to read blogs and do that most days, but as far as a good book it's only now and then.

I've come to the conclusion that stay-at-home moms should be that while their children are small.  Now that mine are grown and gone, there's really no reason to be at home.  It's crazy.  I used to work all the time and I missed so much of my kids and what they were doing, and now that they're gone and grown I'm home and no one needs me.  I think I really got it backwards!!

I think I need to find a life.  The trouble is I just don't know what I want to do.  For so long my life was defined by my work and my family.  When we moved, I quit my job because of the commute and my kids got married and moved away - now no definition!!  It's a hard adjustment. 

So if you had the chance to do something - anything - what would you be or what would you do?


A Place 2 Gather said...

How interesting you post is. I too have worked my whole adult life, and cannot imagine what I would do with my time, if I wasn't working.

So, what would I be, or who would I be? I would be right where you are, my whole life has been about my children, husband and job.

Maybe, temple work, or volunteering at a hospital or something like that. That is what I would try first.

Love you Jil. think You are amazing. What a great example you have been, and are to me.


Darcee R Yates said...

Jil-I already do as much as I can of what I like to do. But if my funds were limitless and pay checks were not important. ...

I think I would like to live in some of the places I visit. Like, rent a cottage in a small village in Ireland and just be there all summer and get to know the people there, and Take pictures and blog about it.

Or- go to Scotland and learn to card and spin and dye wool from someone who has done that in their family for generations.

Or- Live in the village of Vernazza on the Cinque Terre in Italy and tend one of their quaint tiny garden plots and make grape juice(hehe! not wine) and be a waitress in one of the family owned restaurants there and meet all the tourists that come through.

Or go to Germany and learn to make yummy tarts.

I'm fascinated by the group personality or 'flavor' of tiny communities.

And I love language. I'd like to stay in each one long enough to learn how they speak. Whether it's just a dialect, or accent or coloqulialisms of a particular area or a whle langugage.

I'd like to learn something new to me. Maybe- how to make illuminated manuscripts, or batiking.

Sorry, didn't mean to run on. fifty years is not going to be long enough to do all I want to do.(that is supposing that I have fifty left.)

Alison Moore Smith said...

Jil, I love that will admit this openly. Given your resolve, I'm sure you will find a good use of your time. It's such a luxury, really, to have unused time and the world open to you.